A Tantalizing Way to Begin Your Next Presentation

I had to share this with you. As a lover of words, as I suspect you are, this exquisite video piece (embedded below) directed and animated by Andrew Norton, shares words that aren’t easily translatable.

Using this concept to begin your next presentation would be a captivating way to tease your audience into connecting with you, don’t you think?

I can envision a presentation beginning with sharing the concept of Nunchi, which in Korean means, ‘the subtle, almost unnoticed art of listening – gauging another’s mood’.

My favourite is ‘saudade’, which in Portuguese means ‘a vague constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist. A nostalgic longing for someone loved and lost.

I’m going to let this percolate. You might just hear me begin my next presentation with some or many of these gorgeous, not easily translatable words. And then perhaps go on to thread the words throughout my speech, using them as analogies for my concepts. Hmmm….

Thank you, Chris Guillebeau, for sharing.


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