“We cannot not communicate.” Such a devilish phrase, isn’t it?

Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.

Does this sound like you?

About to speak at an important event. A leader in your sphere of influence. Driven to be remembered, and to deliver a powerful speech.


Committed to improving your last time on stage.


Nervous. Curious about how you can do better.


Devoted to your audience, your vision, and helping the two find each other.


To give the best presentation of your life.


A full-service speechwriting and speaking skills development coach who can help you take your message from idea to memorable presentation.Janice Tomich


In communications, marketing, and PR, and in writing for and coaching speakers with different goals and challenges.


In speechwriting and communications coaching for speakers in a wide range of industries, including TED, TEDMed, and TEDx. In working with public speakers around the globe who want to give bold and brave speeches that move audiences to action.


Of all the roadblocks that threaten a successful speech.

Of exactly how to get you the response you deserve.


To making your time on stage memorable for you and your audience.

To helping you find your purpose and your confidence before your next event.


We’ll work closely together to determine what you want to say, and how best to say it. When the speech is ready, we’ll begin honing your delivery through a combination of proven mind- and heart-based exercises that will boost your confidence, smooth out your cadence, and move your audience to act.


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TED Kids

“As for our story, it was called, “The Power of Yes”, a title inspired by Janice Tomich (a fabulous presentation coach and one of the hardworking event organizers) when she heard our story about how Lunapads traveled from Vancouver to Uganda.”  ~ Madeleine Shaw & Suzanne Siemens



How do I get the most out of working with you?
It's easy to say I'm ready to be a better communicator and public speaker, however, to get your money's worth from working with me you need to be ready. You are at a pivotal point where you want to excel at your career or grow your business. You are ready to take a giant leap, grab the next trapeze bar and hang out in that exhilarating space of the unknown. You're anxious to do the work to make strides in your growth. And that doesn't come without uncertainties, being uncomfortable, or willingness to make a few muck ups. Simply put...be ready.
What’s your process? How do we work together?
I am both coach and consultant who will work with you to deliver the best speech of your life. Together, we’ll tailor an experience for you that’s focused on the outcomes you want and deserve. As a mind- and heart-based professional, I work with clients who are open to an organic and evolving process that may change as we work together, and who are as focused as I am on both immediate solutions and the end goal.
How are you different than Toastmasters?
Toastmasters is a template process. That’s not my style. I work with clients who want to deliver unique, memorable, and surprising speeches, and who are driven to become inspiring communicators using their authentic voices. I don’t count umms and ahhs, and nor should you. We all have our nuances that make us unique, and I believe in celebrating them!
How are you different than a big name corporate training company?
I don’t work from a stock template and deliver the same product every time. They do.
Why should I work with you?
From the words of a client, "You made me face my blocks and get rid of stories that didn't serve me. Stories that made me doubt my worth to deliver presentations. You worked with me from the bottom up to build my confidence so I was bold and powerful on stage."   To connect with your audience you must be confident and be prepared to stand in front of your peers, not playing a part, but owning who you are and ready, willing, and able to share who you are and what you know.   I'll help you with that. From getting you ready for our time together to coaching you through and in between our sessions, I’m here to support you and deliver on your success.
Where do you work from?
Three places:
  • Online, via Zoom or FaceTime
  • In your office (in Vancouver or a plane ride away)
  • In my building’s boardroom
Do you design PowerPoint Slides?
I’ll make recommendations on your slidedeck if you’re building it yourself. I’m also happy to recommend a graphic designer who creates brilliant decks.
How do I pay you?
Payments can be made by Interac, check, or credit card. To secure your time, half your investment is required before we meet. The remainder is due halfway through our sessions.
What’s the one piece of advice that every presenter should know?
It’s not about you. It’s about the audience. Always.
What’s the thorny, ugly problem that you’ll go down fighting for?
The lack of diversity at public speaking events and panel forums is a big, knotty, and complex problem. I encourage everyone to withdraw support from events that don’t accurately represent industry demographics or offer an example of gender and cultural diversity. It’s these optics that form our cultural attitudes and opinions. You can make a difference by being vocal, questioning the organizers, and/or choosing not to support events that have a male-only lineup. If you are in an under-represented demographic and you have a juicy presentation coming up, let’s talk.      
Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.