Always Presenting – Women Build Communities and Inspire Change


by Corrie Miller

Women are doing amazing things.  They are building their communities, they are striving to better themselves and they are inspiring global change.

It’s no secret that every day of our lives we are presenting, putting ourselves “out there” and making impressions on others. And it struck me recently just how many amazing, dynamic women have crossed my path of late.

Calculated Presentations will begin to feature women that are making a difference here on this blog on a regular basis. We help women on the way up with their presentation skills (click to find out more!), so we feel it makes sense to feature some who are presenting well in all areas of their lives.  After all, whether we like it or not, life is one big exercise in public speaking. At least if you want to connect with others.

A few friends of mine have headed back to school long after they walked up on stage to collect their high school diplomas and others long after seeing the inside of their local college or uni. Two of these women are in their late thirties, one went back in her late forties. Tanya went into Dentistry, Cassandra is becoming an Art Therapist , and another intrepid entrepreneur started her own successful communications firm. I am inspired. You see, it proves that it doesn’t matter what stage you are at in your life, you can always strive to be a better version of yourself.

just do it


My friend Jen Schaeffers is a connector of humans and a philanthropist. She saw a need for a website that would showcase Vancouver networking events that would allow people to connect. She filled that void with

Networking In Vancouver is proliferating and she is doing this while sitting as Executive Director of the CKNW Orphans Fund and raising two young kids. And making the the rest of us look bad (tongue planted firmly in cheek).  It inspires me to see women like Jen who seem to be able to keep a million balls in the air and remain so engaged, present, and happy. I suppose the lesson is

Find your passion, and just do it. The rest will follow.


My sister in law Jennifer Trayler and her friend Danielle Nesbit decided they wanted to start a business. So they did (a premium ice supplier for hospitality and consumer verticals), but one of the first things discussed was that they wanted their business to help affect the change they wanted to see in the world.

Compassionate Eye Fundraiser

Last week On The Rocks Ice partnered with the Compassionate Eye Foundation to fund clean water projects in places like Kenya and Guatemala. Jen’s presentation on why she organized this event and why it’s so important nearly brought me to tears. She spoke from the heart, which is all we should ever try to do.


Women  are doing amazing things. Its a fortunate time… to be one.

Do you know an amazing woman that should be featured here?  Please leave your comments and we will make it happen.

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