What is your worth as a public speaker?

Hands up if you think you’re paid well. Now, hands up if think you are being paid what you’re worth? Recently, I found Casey Brown’s TED talk, Know Your Worth and Ask For It. She begins her talk … read more

Gratitude Helps Silence Anxiety at the Podium

  Have you read “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown? I’m just into the first few chapters. I’ve had a keen interest in mindfulness over the past number of years, in part, how it relates … read more

A Tantalizing Way to Begin Your Next Presentation

I had to share this with you. As a lover of words, as I suspect you are, this exquisite video piece (embedded below) directed and animated by Andrew Norton, shares words that aren’t easily translatable. … read more

Send The Imposter Syndrome Packing

Imposter Syndrome (IS) is a hot topic. As a speaker coach, I often learn from clients and students that they are dogged by not feeling up to the task of giving a presentation or speech. … read more

How To Get Helpful Presentation Feedback

Receiving presentation feedback about our speeches and presentations can be tough on our self-esteem. If you can put your ego aside critiques can be invaluable to help you build your speech delivery skills. THE GOAL … read more

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