The 3 Secrets to Delivering a Great Presentation

What’s the difference between a good and great presentation? Here are three secrets that will make the difference between your next presentation being ‘good enough’ or you taking the leap and delivering a speech that … read more

Why a Presentation Is Not A Performance

It can feel like you’re able to give a great big (yet, nerve wrecking) performance every time you step on stage. However, you may be compromising something important to delivering a bold and memorable presentation. That … read more

It’s Not Okay To Speak ‘Like’ A Woman

A colleague sent me this juicy article about a woman who went to a public speaking workshop and invited the speaker coach to critique her. He recommended she be more direct and forceful with her words. As I … read more

How To Get Your Money’s Worth From Workshop Training

Taking Spanish classes as an adult learner has been humbling. It’s also been a lesson in how to be a better workshop facilitator. And a smarter consumer of workshop training. After three months of weekly lessons … read more

How many times should you practice for a presentation?

And how many times do you actually practice your presentations? If you’ve listened to my podcast interviews, many of my guests have shared how they’ve prepared for their presentations. Issac Lidsky, the author of Eyes … read more

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