Five Tips for Making Eye Contact While Public Speaking

Making eye contact while public speaking is a simple yet powerful way to connect with an audience. Keeping eye contact with a single person while making a point can change a passive listener to being … read more

Three Tips to Command a Room Using Your Voice

Your voice has the power to command room. Imagine sitting in a presentation where the speaker has no passion in their voice and speaks like a drone. You would likely forget the presentation and the … read more

What Should I Do With My Hands?

Don’t think about a pink elephant.  The image of a pink elephant is now embedded in your mind and you can’t erase it…right? When you’re talking with someone or giving a presentation your mind can play … read more

Content: Why It’s More Important Than Body Language

When it comes to public speaking you may have heard that body language is more important than your content or words. However, it’s actually a myth that’s made the rounds so many times that it’s believed … read more

Would you pay to speak at an event?

You shouldn’t pay to speak. All speakers should be paid although payment can take many forms. When a colleague sent an email to tell me a Vancouver TEDx event is charging their speakers to stand … read more

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