The Humble And Curious Leader = An Effective Leader

This article comes from a place of privilege. Working for myself comes with lots of that. But entrepreneurship also requires me to be a humble and curious leader. The reality for most people and many … read more

Three Secrets to Connecting with Your Audience

The Heart and Soul of Presentations: Audience Connection What’s the difference between a ho hum speaker and one you talk about for days (in a good way)? Confidence A confident speaker knows how to connect with their … read more

5 Public Speaking Resource Jewels

I have a treasured public speaking resource collection I turn to when I’m stuck and need to get out of my head. I’d like to share them with you. They are insightful pieces that I have my … read more

Five Tips for Making Eye Contact While Public Speaking

Making eye contact while public speaking is a simple yet powerful way to connect with an audience. Keeping eye contact with a single person while making a point can change a passive listener to being … read more

Three Tips to Command a Room Using Your Voice

Your voice has the power to command room. Imagine sitting in a presentation where the speaker has no passion in their voice and speaks like a drone. You would likely forget the presentation and the … read more

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