Deliver Your Speech Without Memorizing

You’ll notice the difference in speakers who memorize each word of their speech to those who riff off their key points. The first sounds stilted and canned and the latter sounds relaxed and confident. It … read more

Key Tips For An Authentic Presentation

Watching the presentation (link below) that Rick Fiery delivers at TEDxAmoskeagMillyard had me struggling to understand why I enjoyed it so much. The way that Rick delivers is different to how I’d recommend. With a … read more

Anxiety Stopping You From Being A Fearless Speaker?

While working with my private public speaking clients to get them prepared for their presentations, two common threads around anxiety have emerged. I’ve watched time and again when anxiety rears its ugly head, it impedes “memorizing” … read more

Think You’re Not The Right Person To Give That Presentation? (Think Again)

You Are Perfect Call me a late bloomer. I won’t be insulted because I actually am. In my late forties I returned to post secondary to receive my communication degree and it was because of … read more

The One Thing Every Good Presentation Must Have

And Where Many Presentations Fail Have you sat through a presentation and wondered what was that all about? Rambling, running off on tangents, and not hitting the mark is the downfall of many well-intentioned presenters. … read more

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