Send The Imposter Syndrome Packing

Imposter Syndrome (IS) is a hot topic. As a speaker coach, I often learn from clients and students that they are dogged by not feeling up to the task of giving a presentation or speech. … read more

How To Get Helpful Presentation Feedback

Receiving presentation feedback about our speeches and presentations can be tough on our self-esteem. If you can put your ego aside critiques can be invaluable to help you build your speech delivery skills. THE GOAL … read more

Deliver Your Speech Without Memorizing

You’ll notice the difference in speakers who memorize each word of their speech to those who riff off their key points. The first sounds stilted and canned and the latter sounds relaxed and confident. It … read more

Key Tips For An Authentic Presentation

Watching the presentation (link below) that Rick Fiery delivers at TEDxAmoskeagMillyard had me struggling to understand why I enjoyed it so much. The way that Rick delivers is different to how I’d recommend. With a … read more

Anxiety Stopping You From Being A Fearless Speaker?

While working with my private public speaking clients to get them prepared for their presentations, two common threads around anxiety have emerged. I’ve watched time and again when anxiety rears its ugly head, it impedes “memorizing” … read more

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