Do You Remember the Rumble?

Audience Centered Content ~ Hear the Roar of Stomping Feet

You can look fabulous and speak with a silver tongue…

However it is the content directed at audience that creates engagement and establishes your credibility.

Do you remember when you were a kid in the school auditorium and the principal would announce free hot dog day. The whoops and yahoos but most of all the pounding and roar of stomping feet. The sound would vibrate through your core.

How do you draw your audience in like that (without giving away hotdogs) and have them sitting on the edge of their seat. How do you create that finite second when you feel the magic spark of connection.

Know your audience. An obvious concept, but as speakers we often forget and slip into self-indulgent silos.

Harvey understands who his audience is and how to persuade them.


Harvey considered and addressed any needs that a potential family would love. And he even made it easy for them to purchase adopt him with his satchel packed and completely ready to move in to his new home.

My feet are stomping for Harvey right now.

Do you think like Harvey when you develop your presentation content? Do you create that magic of connection when you stand front and center? Does your audience want to stomp their feet?


I help build confident voices so they’re heard.

Janice Tomich is the founder of Calculated Presentations, a company dedicated to bringing out speaker’s stories to influence change. Janice coaches professionals, entrepreneurs, TED and TEDx speakers. She is a champion for equal representation by a diverse pool of presenters for all speaking events. Follow Janice on Twitter @janicetomich, on Facebook, on LinkedIn and subscribe for newsletter updates.

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