Getting Over The Fear of Public Speaking

Snake Oil ~ Getting Over the Fear of Public Speaking

Search the Internet for “Fear of Public Speaking help” and you will get over 25 million hits. Many of those hits will promise to “cure” you.

Do you really want to be cured? And can you be?

Yes and no. We all want to give  presentations without nerves getting in our way. But the adrenaline created by those nerves are what rockets a presentation’s opening, keeps the middle intriguing, and allows for a powerful close.

There are many techniques and tricks to calming yourself.  But can anyone promise to cure someone else?


It is in your hands. Sure, public speaking coaches, books, and videos have insight to offer that can work. However it is really up to you.

I call it the big leap. It is the moment in time when you want to do something so badly that you can taste it. You’ve decided to change your thinking and won’t let anything get in your way.

Then you use techniques like breath control, being in the present, and visualization to tamper down and harness the nerves. From there the content you create is the key to engaging your audience  →  good energy in the room makes you feel good. And delivering it with enthusiasm and dynamic body language will hit you a home run.

One more thing and perhaps the hardest element–the practice piece. No one has enough time. We can all say we are too busy. But this is the secret–those who commit to putting the time in are those who will present with confidence.

Are you ready to take the leap?

For those of you in Vancouver and the lower mainland I’m offering “Public Speaking Anxiety Buster” twice in mid-July and monthly thereafter. I’ve built it for those who are ready to take the leap. The workshop will be relaxed and fun–a time to try new things and a place where it is okay to make lots of  mistakes. Hope you’ll join us!

To Your Voice,

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