Gratitude Helps Silence Anxiety at the Podium


Have you read “The Presence Process” by Michael Brown? I’m just into the first few chapters.

I’ve had a keen interest in mindfulness over the past number of years, in part, how it relates to my clients being present at the podium and as a practice to ease their anxiety when front and centre on stage.

Gratitude is the one single marker we can depend on as an indicator of how present we are in our life experience. If we have no gratitude for being alive, it is because we have strayed from the present into an illusionary place called “time”.

The quote from Michael (above)  struck me and I hope it helps you think differently if you’re challenged by anxiety while holding the mic.

It speaks to our constant habit of thinking ahead to what others may think or making up stories, rather than being present and delivering your bold and beautiful speech.

The lovely ripple effect is that this mindset ripples out into your day to day life.

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