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Have You Tried Haiku Deck Yet?

The great thing about long weekends? They give you a little more time to play without the guilt.

From the previous blog post “How to Build a Presentation – Step 1″ I created a Haiku Deck. It’s a little different than my style—busier and the colour palette is mixed.

What do you think? Here it is in SlideShare (update some of the slides didn’t load into SlideShare — I’m working on it) :




The strength of Haiku Deck is that it forces you to condense and simplify your content, which we all know is how slidedecks need to be built. A great excercise to encourage those of us who tend to get a little wordy (finger pointing at myself here).

Give it a try. I’d love to see what you come up with. If you send me a link I’ll share your designs here.

To your voice,