How to Build a Presentation ~ Part II

Focus Emerges from Chaos

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Image: Chris Metcalf

Now that you have finished Part I and put a thought or idea to a sticky note (one per) that supports your key message it’s time to create order to the chaos.

What you will see emerge is running themes. Which of the themes do you find most engaging? Are they compelling to your audience? Will each theme be rich enough to be able to expand them easily.

Pick three. Yes, only three. This is where I often see presenters go wrong. They want to share all that they know and have too much information in their presentations. Their audience is overwhelmed and cannot keep up with it all.

Picking three themes creates a focussed and easy to follow presentation. No, this is not dumbing down your presentation. It is creating a clear and focussed one.

When you have chosen your three themes pick  three to five points (from within each theme) that stand out and are the most engaging. Points that you will enjoy sharing with your audience and that your audience will appreciate hearing. Use your key message as a litmus test. Do each of the points that you chose support your key message well?

Once you have the points chosen from within your themes, using new sticky notes that you will stack behind each point, expand on your ideas.

I’ll leave you with that and look for, “How to Open”, “How to Close”, and “Building in Transitions” in Part III.

If you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below.

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