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Many thanks to Inc.com, Huffington Post Canada, American Express OPEN Forum, & Daily Zen for hosting me as a contributing writer.

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3 Confidence Hacks for Motivational Leaders

  Inc.com:   No matter your level of success, sometimes confidence is elusive. If you think seasoned public speakers don’t feel stabs to their confidence and doubt their abilities before they step up to the podium…read more>  

Public Speaking Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

  Inc.com: Your audience is savvy. Be warned–don’t fall into the trap of the usual “public speaking” tips and tricks…read more >

3 Ways To Handle Hecklers That I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Huffington Post Canada: I can still feel the knots in my stomach when I remember back to my first presentations. I’d sweat about the damage a heckler could do by sidetracking me. I also worried … read more

The Reasons You’re Afraid Of Giving That Speech (Aren’t What You Think)

  Huffington Post Canada:   One of my students eloquently spoke about how this uncomfortable feeling of learning new concepts, ones we perceive as out of our reach, are similar to what a lobster experiences while … read more

3 Steps to Getting Presentation Feedback…That’s Actually Helpful

  American Express OPEN Forum:  Presentation critique can be hard to take, but it can also make you better. These three tips can help you get — and accept — feedback on your presentation so … read more

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