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Many thanks to Inc.com, Huffington Post Canada, American Express OPEN Forum, & Daily Zen for hosting me as a contributing writer.

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Public Speaking Myths to Stop Believing Right Now

Inc.com: June 14, 2016 Your audience is savvy. Be warned–don’t fall into the trap of the usual “public speaking” tips and tricks…read more >

3 Ways To Handle Hecklers That I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Huffington Post Canada: June 3, 2016 I can still feel the knots in my stomach when I remember back to my first presentations. I’d sweat about the damage a heckler could do by sidetracking me. I … read more

The Reasons You’re Afraid Of Giving That Speech (Aren’t What You Think)

Huffington Post Canada:  April 14, 2016 One of my students eloquently spoke about how this uncomfortable feeling of learning new concepts, ones we perceive as out of our reach, are similar to what a lobster experiences … read more

3 Steps to Getting Presentation Feedback…That’s Actually Helpful

American Express OPEN Forum: March 30, 2016 Presentation critique can be hard to take, but it can also make you better. These three tips can help you get — and accept — feedback on your presentation … read more

Memorizing Your Next Presentation Can Sabotage Your Efforts

Huffington Post Canada: March 1st, 2016 Have you noticed the difference between a presenter who has memorized their presentation word for word and one who riffs off key points? There is a big difference. In fact, … read more

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