Slay the Um, Er, and Uh From Your Next Presentation


just breathe

Yes, simply breathe.

You likely take the life force of breathing for granted. I know that I do.

When you bring your thoughts back to your breathing it forces you to be present.

Ums, ers, and uhs stem from our losing our train of thought and/or lack of confidence in our content.

Get back on track and resuscitate your confidence by using your full breath.



Next time you are practicing for an upcoming presentation try this when you feel a verbal distraction looming.

Stop. Yes, it is okay to stop. It is a normal part of relaxed conversation.

Take a deep breath right down to the core of your belly.

Exhale the breath slowly.

Now notice how you feel. In control, right? Ready to begin again without the verbal baggage.

Did it seem like it took forever? It didn’t – probably fifteen seconds max!

When you go live with your presentation and you feel the um, er, or uh bubbling think back to your practice – breathe a deep one and carry on. You’ve slayed it.

To your voice,



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