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  • Q & A Highjackers ~ Fascilitator Headache Makers

    How To Stop Q & A Grandstanding A recent event I attended allowed for 15 minutes of questions following a panel discussion. The panelists are well respected and have accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge. I was anticipating a stream of brilliant questions from the attendees – what an opportunity to delve into the minds of talented people. Disappointingly, it […]
  • In Support of Fine Speakers and Facilitators

    Usually I don’t sign petitions. Why? Well I hate it when I look back and see that I had previously signed a petition and via an internet breadcrumb trail realize that the cause is not one I still believe in. Yes, we do grow up don’t we? But the CBC, or to the uninitiated the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is near […]
  • Three Tips for Facilitators ~ How to Showcase Your Guest Speakers

    Make Your Guest Speakers Shine & Bonus Point: You Will Appear a Brilliant Leader Last week I attended a presentation that was hampered by weak facilitation. The result was an audience who quickly lost interest. And to boot, the audience was just as uncomfortable as the speakers were. First the audience was embarrassed, then they were simply impatient because no […]