How to Manage Presentation Anxiety and Become a Confident Public Speaker

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Guide to Planning, Writing, and Delivering a Killer Keynote Speech

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Strategies for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

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Five Tips For Making Eye Contact Delivering Online Presentations

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The Rabbi and the Gentile Speaker Coach

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How many times should you practice for a presentation?

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Five Tips for Making Eye Contact While Public Speaking

Making eye contact while public speaking is a simple yet powerful way to connect with an audience. Keeping eye contact with a single person while making a point can change a passive listener to one … read more

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Anxiety and excitement are similar emotions. Both are high states of arousal accompanied by things such as a rapid heart rate, dry mouth, sweaty palms and sometimes a feeling of being outside of your body. … read more

Yes, Anyone Can Become a Charismatic Speaker. Here’s how.

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How to Stop Saying “Um” in Presentations (What to Do Instead)

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13 Tips on Presenting to Executives to Win Approval for Your Ideas

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Your Path to Perfect: Guide to Rehearsing a Presentation

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