Finding Your Powerful Voice

I so enjoyed being interviewed by Camilita Nuttall where we spoke about finding your powerful voice. We talked about how public speaking is a brilliant opportunity to position and build a business. With full disclosure, … read more

5 Reasons Public Speakers Fail To Deliver A+ Presentations

The short direct flight I was booked on had been canceled. I was rerouted to deliver my public speaking seminar via a long and twisted path. The clothes I planned to wear were tumbling soaking … read more

They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds – Because We Are Girls

A few weeks ago I sat in Vancouver’s Playhouse Theatre and cried. They were tears of overwhelm, pride, and a deep sense of knowing the difference the film I was watching will make. The film was … read more

The most common reasons for saying no to public speaking

And why you shouldn’t say no to taking the opportunity to take the stage. Be forewarned. Today’s post is a little edgy…blunt and with a bit of cheeky fun intertwined. I’ve been short on sleep … read more

My latest favourite presentation

Because I’m often asked about my favourite presentation, here’s one I’d like to share with you. It’s brilliant and provides wonderful opportunities to learn techniques that will help you engage your audience. Elizabeth Gilbert @ … read more

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