Corporate Video Conferencing Etiquette 101

Invest the time it takes to learn the proper etiquette to use during video conferences now. You’ll reduce anxiety over upcoming meetings, reap the rewards of stronger connections, and deepen trust with your most important contacts.

Effective Video Communication For Executives

A group of colleagues and myself meet weekly online. During our last meeting someone mentioned that although all of us are comfortable working online, many professionals aren’t. Not to mention that we’re guilty of being … read more

Five Tips For Making Eye Contact Delivering Online Presentations

Most of us appreciate the importance of eye contact when carrying on a conversation or delivering an in person presentation. Did you know that making eye contact is just as important during online presentations? Honing … read more

Spectacularly Sixty!

Transitioning from One Phase to the Next and Consciously Creating the Life of Your Dreams   I was surprised that Cepee Tabibian, who is the host of She Hit Refresh, asked me on her podcast … read more

5 Public Speaking Techniques Gabriel Nathan Uses In His TEDx Talk

  Because a video of a speech/presentation has only a few views/hits and hasn’t gone viral it doesn’t mean the speaker hasn’t created a brilliant presentation – one that should to be heard. Or that … read more

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