13 Tips on Presenting to Executives to Win Approval for Your Ideas

Executives place a premium on time. Understanding this is the secret to successful presentations to the c-suite. Now, not all senior executives manage their time the same way, of course. Some tightly schedule their time … read more

Your Path to Perfect: Guide to Rehearsing a Presentation

Would you be surprised to hear that practicing a presentation is as important as the words you actually share? And that you should spend as much time rehearsing your speech as you did creating your … read more

How to Start a Business Presentation

Just like dating or applying for a job, the start of a business presentation is an opportunity to make a good first impression, to warm up your audience and pique their interest to hear more … read more

7 Powerful Ways To End a Presentation

Have you ever attended a presentation or speech and didn’t know when it was over? Maybe you were even unsure if it was time to clap or get up and leave? Your audience not knowing … read more

5 Memorable Ways to Introduce Yourself in a Presentation

What Is The Role of Introducing Yourself In a Presentation? Introducing yourself at the beginning of your presentation or keynote speech establishes your authority and credibility. Introducing yourself effective can also pique your audience’s interest … read more

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