How To Determine Your Speaking Fees

A burning question I’m often asked is what to charge. The query comes from new and seasoned speakers that are trying to figure out their speaking fees – what the market will bear and more … read more

The Rabbi and the Gentile Speaker Coach

There are times a client’s presentation gives me shivers. I know in deep down in my speaker coach bones that it will create a deep impact and have a ripple effect – that the call … read more

Interview with Janice Porter from Relationships Rule

It’s heartwarming when you meet up with someone that gets it. Or I guess I should say gets it the same way you do. Janice Porter (I know, another Janice) is a LinkedIn specialist that … read more

Finding Your Powerful Voice

I so enjoyed being interviewed by Camilita Nuttall where we spoke about finding your powerful voice. We talked about how public speaking is a brilliant opportunity to position and build a business. With full disclosure, … read more

5 Reasons Public Speakers Fail To Deliver A+ Presentations

The short direct flight I was booked on had been canceled. I was rerouted to deliver my public speaking seminar via a long and twisted path. The clothes I planned to wear were tumbling soaking … read more

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