Strategies for Becoming a Confident Public Speaker

Lack of public speaking confidence, whether with peers or strangers, is considered a social anxiety disorder.  There’s more people that don’t want to be front and centre sharing their expertise and vision than those that … read more

How To Speak Clearly And Concisely When The Stakes Are High

There’s nothing more frustrating when you have great ideas you’re passionate about and you find that every time you try to share your thoughts you lose people’s attention because you’re long-winded or go off on … read more

When, Why and How To Use Signposts in Public Speaking

Signposts in public speaking are often missed or misunderstood. You might know signposts by other names such as benchmarks or keypoints. No matter what you call them they are an integral piece to the framework … read more

Public Speaking for Introverts: 3 Tips for Speech Success

I was sure everyone in the audience noticed my leg shaking like an old style milkshake machine that was switched on high speed. My leg shook while my anxiety (and embarrassment) escalated. In my late … read more

Choosing a public speaking coach: 7 things to consider

When asked to speak in public, you have an opportunity to inspire people, gather support, and move people toward your ideas and vision.  If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably come to realize that you … read more

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