How many times should you practice for a presentation?

And how many times do you actually practice your presentations? If you’ve listened to my podcast interviews, many of my guests have shared how they’ve prepared for their presentations. Issac Lidsky, the author of Eyes … read more

The Humble And Curious Leader = An Effective Leader

This article comes from a place of privilege. Working for myself comes with lots of that. But entrepreneurship also requires me to be a humble and curious leader. The reality for most people and many … read more

Three Secrets to Connecting with Your Audience

The Heart and Soul of Presentations: Audience Connection What’s the difference between a ho hum speaker and one you talk about for days (in a good way)? Confidence A confident speaker knows how to connect with their … read more

5 Public Speaking Resource Jewels

I have a treasured public speaking resource collection I turn to when I’m stuck and need to get out of my head. I’d like to share them with you. They are insightful pieces that I have my … read more

Five Tips for Making Eye Contact While Public Speaking

Making eye contact while public speaking is a simple yet powerful way to connect with an audience. Keeping eye contact with a single person while making a point can change a passive listener to being … read more

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