What Is The Personal Branding ROI Speaking At Events?

One question I’m often asked is if it is worth it to speak at events. I suspect it’s because it’s not a secret that delivering a speech or presentation requires a big time investment. And … read more

How To Manage Your Fear Of Talking To An Unknown Audience

During a recent conversation a self-identified extrovert shared with me that she loves being on stage, however, she gets anxious at the thought of speaking at ‘webinar’ style events. “It’s the fear of the unknown audience because I … read more

What Should You Do If You Forget Your Next Words?

Have You Ever Forgotten Your Lines During a Presentation? “It was an okay performance,” she said. “No”, I told her, “It was brilliant”. I knew what she was thinking. She thought that having to stop … read more

Don’t fall for the branding or differentiation trap

When you start a new job, a new business or are working to grow your company, you do everything in your power to make your mark and communicate to people why they should work with … read more

How to write a speech or presentation

The past few months I’ve been asking for your communication and public speaking questions. Thanks for all of your emails! Have a question? Here’s the link. And yes, it’s me who reads and answers them. The … read more

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