Bubbling, Crazy, Exciting News

Never in my wildest thoughts would I have a plane ticket loving stored on my hard drive for Doha, Qatar.

Because of the graciousness of our beautiful team at TEDxKids@BC and the generous invitation of TEDxSummit I will be travelling for the first time to the Middle East for a leadership summit like no other.

The Doha Film Institute is hosting us with action packed days of speakers, workshops, and the opportunity to build connections with other TEDxers. I hear there will be some wild jeep rides in the desert and some Arab style beach time fit into our days too.

The exhilarating thing about this crazy adventure — I have no idea what to expect. I haven’t travelled to the Middle East and have never been to a TED conference. My mind is filled with the possibilities — shimmering starry, inky black desert nights and souks filled with tempting spice concoctions, smoky aromas, and jewel-like fabrics and carpets. But when I sit back and take stock, I don’t have any terms of reference so imagining is pointless.

After taking many deep breaths I know (from many previous lessons learned) to take gifts as they come. Let the adventure roll as it will.




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