Communication Training

Public Speaking Skill Mastery


Communication Skills for Professionals

For Industry Professionals: Increase your confidence through the mastery of communication skill building.

Strong communicators radiate their company’s brand integrity everywhere they go.

If you want to:

  • Be noticed
  • Be remembered
  • Communicate so there’s no question you are the authority.

And do it in a way you and/or members of your team can walk into any communication situation fully confident every time…

With this hands-on training program you and/or your team can expect the following learning outcomes:

  • Manage your nerves/anxiety when you’re preparing for difficult conversations
  • Project confidence through open body language and the full use of your voice
  • Understand who your audience is, how they will receive your communication, and how to relate to them
  • Use the power of words to establish connection and authority
  • Understand the importance of clear communication and learn to facilitate focussed interactions
  • Tell powerful stories and analogies that connect to your intention.

Once you learn this communication system you will have an easy to use go-to resource to easily deliver communications with your clients and colleagues.

Services Speaker Coaching

Training Materials

  • Comprehensive workbook including:
    • Communication template
    • Audience checklist
    • Anxiety management worksheet

In-Person at your company or in our boardroom

Prior to training, an assessment of your team’s current communication skills will take place. This half-hour face-to-face discussion will help us understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses to add value to our sessions.

You will receive pre-work to prepare for our sessions. It will take approximately an hour to complete.

Workshop session delivery. Once a week for three consecutive weeks – 60min. sessions:

• Session #1: Build Awareness Of Your Communication Style & How You Are Perceived

• Session #2: How To Communicate Confidently Using Powerful Language

• Session #3: The Effective Communicator: Clear & Focussed Communication. 

Interim work between sessions to embed learning.

Thirty minutes follow up phone call: Questions from one member of your organization.

Cost and Timing

$3995.00 per group (maximum of ten attendees) plus tax. Includes needs assessment, live training, and training materials.

Start date: September 2019


Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.