How to Ace Your Next Media Interview

by Janice Tomich

Often executives receive a script from their Communication Department with messaging that is convoluted and hard for their audience to listen to.

The point of gaining media exposure is to engage and persuade your audience, not to alienate them with PC talk or messaging that those in the ranks of Mensa can’t tease apart.

Mr. Media Training aka Brad Philips shares his experience on how to write clear messaging that your audience will immediately grasp. When you grasp them, you engage them!

This ever happen to you?

Before I started working with this client, its communications staff had drafted a few messages for their top spokespersons that were almost impossible to speak aloud during a media interview. Brad Phillips ~ Mr Media Training

Those who write and present using convoluted words and terms that are beyond the audience comprehension actually lose rather than impress. They miss their opportunity to connect and gain trust through their executive presentations.

What do you think? If you are a user of “big” words have we changed your mind?

*Strunk and White’s “The Element of Style” is the bible of clear writing – if you haven’t read it, do – it will help you develop invaluable writing and business presentation skills. Find a free downloadable copy here on Scribt.

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