Leverage public speaking by writing articles

Have you thought about having your written work published to leverage your public speaking?

Having your articles accepted is easier than you think!

It’s a great feeling when you receive an email saying yes, your article has been accepted. Before I was intrigued by the idea of having my ideas published I thought it was far out of my reach and that only established writers and journalists had their pieces published.

I could not have been more wrong.

Media platforms are thirsty for content.

Well written and thought provoking articles are in high demand. The benefit to you is a good return on your investment – having your articles in print/digital establishes your credibility as an industry expert quite quickly.

When I started pitching online magazines, probably similar to you, it was daunting. With my first pitch, I received a quick yes. I was over the moon and knew I was on to something. It was then I realized that if I wrote well thought out articles that are interesting to a targeted audience, I had a good chance of getting published and even better, being read.

How did I do it?

I started small. I pitched a media platform that had a small readership and was relatively new to market. You can find that first article here. My thought process was I simply wanted to establish some credibility even if it was not my target market or in the area of expertise I wanted to be recognized for.

Then I pitched Huffington Post Canada. I got a quick yes there too and published four articles with them. A positive of writing for Huffington Post is that no matter how frequently or infrequently you contribute you’re status as a contributor remains active.

With some credibility built up and confidence in my writing, I set my sights higher and contacted Working with inc was a challenging (and worthwhile) learning experience. They put me through a series of learning modules and I worked with an editor on catchy titles and print worthy ideas. I published nine articles for them and had one that went viral.

Why did I stop? 
My comment about media platforms being content hungry goes both ways. To work with they required that I publish an article a week. For me, producing an article requires a day of my time. I’m not a fast writer. I weighed whether it was worth it to continue.

It was because being under contract for weekly submissions did not meet my intended strategy of acquiring clients directly through the articles. The majority of the readership stayed on the inc platform and did not land on my site. I didn’t acquire clients directly though the online media sites. I did acquire clients indirectly.

I made the strategic choice to use my own platforms and leverage those myself. Investing a full day of article writing didn’t reap the outcome I had predicted. And I don’t regret for a minute the time I invested.

Is it worthwhile to write articles for trade magazines & online platforms?

Yes, from a credibility factor…absolutely. Now when I speak at events or podcasts I’m introduced as having written articles for HuffPost and inc. My website highlights where I have been featured. This carries weight to showcase my experience and knowledge.

Better still is what writing for these platforms did for my SEO ranking in part because of the backlinks. That’s why when you search public speaking coaching in Japan and Malaysia my name appears on the first page.

Sometimes we try tactics with an outcome in mind. Sometimes we get an outcome but it’s not what we had in mind and it surprises us with a different value.


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