Neil Pasricha: The Happiness Equation

by Janice Tomich

Put some time aside to listen to this interview with Neil Pasricha. It’s a meaty one that covers many topics that will help you create a presentation and shares insight to the happiness equation. Neil generously shares the mechanics of creating a TED talk – from managing anxiety to the rigour of practicing and challenging an audience to listen.

Neil is a sought after speaker having delivered two presentations as a TEDx speaker and a New York Times best selling author. He flips the equation on happiness to challenge the way that many of us strive for it. In Neil’s TED talk The 3 A’s of Awesome he shares that Attitude, Awareness, and Authenticity are the road to getting there not the conventional wisdom of working hard that’s often shared. As the creator of The Institute for Global Happiness he works with organizations as a change maker to support employee engagement and ultimately, happiness. Join us won’t you…


1:30 – The happiness equation

3:00 – Flip conventional thinking for happiness

5:40 – When is enough, enough?

10:00 – Comparing ourselves to the ‘director’s cut’ trap

12:00 – Suicide rates at an all time high: 12 in a 100,000

12:48 – Mechanics to creating a TED talk

15:00 – Experiencing nerves and fear

18:00 – How Neil prepares -> commitment to practicing

19:30 – It’s not about the speaker, it’s about the audience

20:00 – The value of live speaking events vs. dialing in a YouTube video

22:35 – Delivering the second TED talk – lessons learned from the first

24:50 – TED Talk  Listen

25:44 – The power of the pause

32:00 – Why Neil created the Institute for Global Happiness

41:30 – Why countries such as Sweden and Canada rank high on the happiness scale

End – “The longer you hold your breath under water the more interesting place you will come up”.


The Global Happiness Institute

TEDx Talk: The 3 A’s of Awesome

TEDxTalk: How to maximize your tiny, short life?

Books: The Book of Awesome, The Book of (Even More) Awesome, The Book of (Holiday) Awesome, Awesome is Everywhere, and The Happiness Equation.

Talks at Google

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