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Get Unstuck From Public Speaking Procrastination

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Are you procrastinating about giving presentations because you’re anxious about public speaking and it’s not because a wad of sticky gum is holding you to the floor?

Has holding yourself back from sharing what you know in a much bigger way been nagging at you for a while?

Logically you know the path to making a bigger impact on your career or business is to get comfortable with public speaking. Public speaking events are where your best opportunities are waiting for you.

Over the past ten years, I’ve worked with both new and seasoned speakers so they are feeling comfortable on stage. And speaking with confidence and ease has changed the trajectory of their careers and/or increased the speed their businesses are growing.

Instead of stewing over lost opportunities wouldn’t you rather feel confident saying yes to taking the stage?

I have a solution for you that will help you scrape that procrastination gum off the bottom of your shoes and have you take the stage with confidence and ease.

I’m launching my new online pilot course soon. It’s an extension of the work I do with my private one-on-one clients who make a significant investment to work with me.

My course will help you get unstuck and speaking at those events that will make a difference to your career and/or business.

I’ll be working with a few select people who love to get really immersed in learning, are comfortable with giving feedback, and are excited to influence how the course evolves.

You’ll need to dig down deep and be committed to doing the work because I don’t own a magic wand or a pouch of fairy dust, although it would be nice…

Am I describing you? If you’re nodding your head and your gut is saying a heartfelt yes, contact me here or set up a time to talk on the phone.

This first launch includes lots of one-on-one coaching to support you. The pre-sale price is $197.00 CDN, which will increase to $397 when I officially launch the pilot in the September of 2019.


It would be my pleasure to work with you to get unstuck so you deliver your next presentation with ease and confidence.


Not taking the stage because you're stuck procrastinating. Shoe stuck in chewing gum visual analogy


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