The Secrets of Brave & Bold Presenters

Sandra McDowell

Leading With the Brain in Mind Being a leader can be hard. The statistics show that a majority of the workforce feels disengaged. People are not going the extra mile organizations need them to. Sandra … read more

Dream Chaser, Published Scribbler Melissa Haynes

Melissa is the real deal. I had the good fortune of meeting her because she invited me to lunch and I consider myself lucky. She calls herself a Free-Spirited, Dream-Chasing Adventure Junkie and Published Scribbler. She … read more

Ashton Applewhite Ending Ageism

Activist, author, and ageism expert, Ashton Applewhite is fuelling change on what it means to be aging. She’s been invited to speak on stages around the world including the United Nations and the TED stage. … read more

Preparing for a TEDx Talk in Less Than Four Hours with Shrina Kurani

If you haven’t already watched Shrina Kurani’s TEDx talk you should. Shrina had less than four hours to prepare for her talk. I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure. But she handled the pressure … read more

Promoting Gender Diversity on Stage with Stefanie Grieser

As many of you know promoting gender diversity on stage is a subject close to my heart. It actually ticks me off (watering down my words) that in 2017 we aren’t anywhere near parity. When I … read more

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