Corporate & Nonprofit Training & Workshops

Facilitated, Hands-On, and Interactive


You won’t find me lecturing from a podium. I want to immerse your team in real-time scenarios so everyone learns better and more comfortably. We’ll be moving, shaking, integrating new ideas, and laughing a lot along the way.

I tailor my training sessions to the needs of your team. We can start with the basics like breathing and visualization exercises, or we can get as advanced as your team is ready for with audience analysis, creating sticky messages, or storytelling techniques.

Booking a training session with me includes:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment to discover which skill development modules are required and the amount of time we’ll need to book. All modules are tailored to your organization.
  • Pre-work to prime for our sessions.
  • A detailed debrief with (confidential) individual and group recommendations for continued learning.
  • A 30-minute follow-up (by phone or in person) for each attendee.


Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.