Corporate & Nonprofit Training & Workshops

Facilitated, Hands-On, and Interactive


You won’t find me lecturing from a podium. I will immerse your team in interactive exercises and real life scenarios. We’ll be moving, shaking, integrating new ideas, and, of course, laughing a lot.

My public speaking training sessions are tailored to the needs of your team. Some skill development areas that organisations typically ask for:

  • Managing public speaking anxiety
  • Developing a presentation outline or 1st draft
  • Audience analysis techniques
  • Creating memorable and engaging presentations
  • Building an intriguing, cohesive through line
  • Storytelling techniques
  • Slidedeck best practices
  • Voice projection and modulation
  • Being persuasive and inspiring
  • How to move on stage including body language techniques

Booking a training session with me also includes:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment.  All modules are tailored to your organization.
  • Pre-work to prime attendees for our sessions.
  • A detailed debrief with (confidential) individual and group recommendations for continued learning.
  • A 30-minute follow-up for each attendee to work on a draft presentation or polish an upcoming one.

Cost: Begins at $6000.00

Let’s talk to find out how we might work together.

Update 2023

My workshops are in person. I am currently not offering online training.

Training is provided in half day segments that are scheduled in the morning.

Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.


Give the keynote. Without the nerves.

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