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Public Speaking for Professionals

For Industry Professionals: Presentations to Establish Your Brand

Strong communicators are noticed. Individuals and/or a team of strong communicators radiate their company brand everywhere they go.

If you want you or your company to:

  • Be the buzz
  • Be remembered
  • Communicate so there’s no question you are the authority

And do it in a way you and/or members of your team can walk onto any stage (even at the water cooler) fully confident every time…

In this hands on training program you and your team will learn to:

  • Manage pre-presentation anxiety
  • Understand whom your audience is and how to relate to them (audience profiles)
  • Use the power of listening to establish connections, conversations, and speech outlines
  • Build a problem-solution outline that can be contracted or expanded as time or situation warrants
  • Tell stories and analogies that connect to intention (key message)
  • Create a full length TED style 18 minute presentation including powerful open, seamless transitions, and an inspiring close
  • Project confidence through open body language
  • Engage your audience using the full use of voice

Once you learn this public speaking system you will have an easy to use template as your go-to resource to easily reproduce your next presentation. You’ll never feel at a loss delivering a presentation again.


Services Speaker Coaching

Training Materials

Comprehensive workbooks to follow along

Presentation template

Audience and needs checklists

Anxiety management worksheets

One hour of follow up phone call questions from one member of the organization

In-Person at your company or in our boardroom

Prior to training an assessment of your teams current communication skills will take place. This one-hour face-to-face session will help us understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses to add value to our sessions. Training dates are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 9 am – 1pm or three Wednesday’s (one week to the next – no gaps) from 9am – 1pm. (12 hours total instruction). Following the training each attendee will meet and deliver a presentation one on one with the instructor and receive immediate feedback. Then, within 48 hours via email, each individual will receive a comprehensive measured critique indicating progress and skill development improvement needed.

Cost and Timing

$3798 per participant plus tax includes live training, training materials and bonuses.

Contact: janice_tomich@me.com

Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.