What is your worth as a public speaker?

Hands up if you think you’re paid well. Now, hands up if think you are being paid what you’re worth?

Recently, I found Casey Brown’s TED talk, Know Your Worth and Ask For It. She begins her talk with the words, “No one will pay you what you’re worth, they will only pay you what they think you’re worth, and you control their thinking.”

Many times when I work with clients, I’m asked,  “What is my worth as public speaker?

As Speaker Coach, Communication Specialist, and entrepreneur, I have to communicate my value to my clients. I have also helped clients clearly communicate their value as executives and professional speakers.

I’ll bet knowing you need to be paid more and asking for it makes you pretty uncomfortable.

Doubts and fears may be a part of the equation and it’s normal. But as Casey says, they should not limit your earning potential.

The next time you’re faced with how to communicate your value to a prospective event organizer or client, answer these three questions.

  1. 1. What is my unique skill set that makes me qualified?
  2. 2. What problems do I help solve?
  3. 3. What value do I add?

You see, once we shift our perspective from fear to value, we can begin to communicate what we love, tell a story, and inspire people around us.

If you are wondering what you’re worth is and how to ask for it, contact me and let’s chat.


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Janice Tomich is the founder of Calculated Presentations, a company dedicated to bringing out speaker’s stories to influence change. Janice coaches professionals, entrepreneurs, TED and TEDx speakers. She is a champion for equal representation by a diverse pool of presenters for all speaking events. Follow Janice on Twitter @janicetomich, on Facebook, on LinkedIn and subscribe for newsletter updates.

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