5 Public Speaking Resource Jewels

I have a treasured public speaking resource collection I turn to when I’m stuck and need to get out of my head.

I’d like to share them with you.

They are insightful pieces that I have my clients work through to begin the foundational work of building their confidence for their time on stage.

They span from how to learn the skill of charisma (yes, it can be learned) to the attributes of confident people. Here’s five of my go-tos that whip me back into shape and have me on track ‘pronto’.

Enjoy! And let me know if they inspire you too.

1)  Can Charisma Be Learned?
When I give presentations on public speaking skills (ironic … right?) during the Q & A, I’m often asked if there is a formula for being charismatic.

The first time I was asked my reaction was an unequivocal no, that charisma was an innate characteristic. But I went home and thought about it and (as has happened a few times before) it seems I was (very) wrong.

This is the heart filling story of a socially awkward young girl who becomes a charisma consultant. They call her the charm hacker.

She proved me wrong.

2) Gratitude Changes The Brain
I ask my clients to begin a gratitude journal when they start working with me.

You might be thinking artsy fartsy, new age stuff and nonsense perhaps? It’s not.

The positive effects of gratitude are research based. Paying attention to the gifts we’re given every day makes a huge difference to how you see yourself when you communicate with others. Even those days when you feel like you’ve been throttled, if you take the time you will be able to eek out something to be grateful for.

This article is a new(er) one that substantiates my understanding of gratefulness and will create the foundational work to support to being a confident communicator.

3) Attributes of Confident People

All Extremely Confident People Give Up These 13 Habits

Flip them around. 

Number two is the crux.

4) To Lead Others, You Must Know Your Bias

Your mission as a strong communicator is to influence your audience. An audience can be one or 1000’s.

First, you need to know your own biases. This HBR article will help you get out of your way.

Servant leadership

5) Something We Can All Work On: Mindful Breathing

It’s old hat for me now. When I ask new clients if they know how to belly breath they usually give me ‘the look’. I know what they are thinking…that I may have lost my mind.

Funny though, most can’t do a deep belly breath to save their life. When asked to take a breath that will fill deep down into their lower belly most can only make their upper chest expand and sometimes only a little.

Have you watched over a sleeping baby? There lower bellies rise and fall without any effort. As adults, we forget because our maxed out bodies are so constricted we can only take shallow breaths.

The key to a strong voice and managing your public speaking anxiety is breathing.

This article is a primer to have you breathing like a baby again.

mindfulness for public speaking confidence

When you’re stuck and feel as though your momentum is plummeting, hearing the perspective of others can be the trigger to get back on track.

Hope my five jewels help.

To your voice,




I help build confident voices so they’re heard.

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