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Many thanks to Inc.com, Huffington Post Canada, American Express OPEN Forum, & Daily Zen for hosting me as a contributing writer and Roundhouse Radio & Charity Village for inviting me to contribute to the conversation. 

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Tips to Delivering Successful Presentations for Nonprofits

CharityVillage: Nonprofit professionals have a compelling and inspiring story to tell about the work they do. Often though, the presentations can fail for the same reasons for-profit professionals fail at their presentations. In this article by … read more

Radio Interview: My Counter-Intuitive Opinion Heckling Incident Jagmeet Singh

A few weeks ago a video of Canadian and Sikh politician, Jagmeet Singh, went viral. I was asked for my expert opinion by Roundhouse Radio 99.3 (you can catch that here), but the BIGGER perspective comes … read more

5 Tips for Navigating Your Out-of-Town Presentation

  Inc.com: Add travel to delivering your presentation and what could go wrong, often does. Delivering a presentation in your hometown can be stressful enough. Add travel to the mix — if you’re unprepared, you’ll risk looking … read more

The One TED Talk that Holds the Key to Public Speaking Genius

  Inc.com: Received 28,500+ page views   As an executive public speaking coach, I’m often asked: How can I be charismatic? How do I connect and engage an audience like other elite presenters? Or, I want to have … read more

Time for More Women: All-Male Boards Cost Businesses $655 Billion a Year

  Inc.com:   Men, you’re biting off your nose to spite your face. The numbers prove it. We’ve known for years having more women at your boardroom table creates more profit than having your chairs filled with male derrieres…read more>  

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