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Many thanks to Inc.com, Huffington Post Canada, American Express OPEN Forum, & Daily Zen for hosting me as a contributing writer and Roundhouse Radio & Charity Village for inviting me to contribute to the conversation. 

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Spectacularly Sixty!

Transitioning from One Phase to the Next and Consciously Creating the Life of Your Dreams   I was surprised that Cepee Tabibian, who is the host of She Hit Refresh, asked me on her podcast … read more

Finding Your Powerful Voice

I so enjoyed being interviewed by Camilita Nuttall where we spoke about finding your powerful voice. We talked about how public speaking is a brilliant opportunity to position and build a business. With full disclosure, … read more

Tips to Delivering Successful Presentations for Nonprofits

CharityVillage: Nonprofit professionals have a compelling and inspiring story to tell about the work they do. Often though, the presentations can fail for the same reasons for-profit professionals fail at their presentations. In this article by … read more

Radio Interview: My Counter-Intuitive Opinion Heckling Incident Jagmeet Singh

A few weeks ago a video of Canadian and Sikh politician, Jagmeet Singh, went viral. I was asked for my expert opinion by Roundhouse Radio 99.3 (you can catch that here), but the BIGGER perspective comes … read more

5 Tips for Navigating Your Out-of-Town Presentation

  Inc.com: Add travel to delivering your presentation and what could go wrong, often does. Delivering a presentation in your hometown can be stressful enough. Add travel to the mix — if you’re unprepared, you’ll risk looking … read more

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