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How We Can Work Together

Preparing for an upcoming presentation, speech or keynote?

Communicate confidently and ensure you are heard in meetings and one-to-one—even while thinking on your feet.

Make effective communication your competitive advantage with a public speaking workshop for your team.

1:1 Public Speaking Coaching

Presentation Coaching

You want your speech or presentation to be engaging and inspiring, but also true and authentic.

You will have me by your side from your first scribbled notes to the moment you confidently walk onto the stage.

Your keynote, presentation, or seminar will be talked about and remembered.

The presentation coaching package is for you if:
  • You’re new to speaking. You want coaching to get you from feeling flustered to feeling confident and ready.
  • You’re an executive, a manager, or a leader who needs your speech to drive impact.
  • You’re bold and confident but need help finding your focus or …
  • The thought of public speaking makes you crazy nervous. And you want to do more than just survive the speech—you want to nail it.
  • You have a month or more left before your presentation date. (Crunch Time is for you if you don’t have that kind of time.)
Crunch Time Presentation Coaching

You’re feeling the pressure and you don’t feel ready.

Your deadline is looming but it’s not too late. I’ll get you out of this mess with Crunch Time, my presentation coaching intensive.

I’ll take the load off your shoulders, get your ideas flowing, and have you stage-ready.

Even if you only have a week or two left before your presentation date.

Crunch Time is for your if:
  • You’re in panic mode.
  • You don’t have much time left, but you’re ready to commit to using the time you do have get it done (and done well.)
  • This isn’t your very first speech. (You have at least some experience public speaking.)
  • Your presentation date is just 1 or 2 weeks away.
Honest Presentation Review

You got ideas or an outline for your presentation. Or even a draft. But now you’re overthinking it.

You need honest, expert feedback on what you’ve got so far so that you can move forward.

Find out if you’re on the right track and get a clear plan for what to do next with a presentation review.

You can have clarity, and you can have it 48 hours from now.

A presentation review is what you need if:
  • You’re working alone. You need a thought partner you can trust.
  • You’ve asked your partner/colleague/friend for feedback but you don’t know if it’s good advice or not.
  • You’re ready to create a knock-it-out-of-the-park presentation.

1:1 Communication Coaching

Communication Coaching

You’ve seen skilled communicators in action. They’re authentic. Clear. They structure their point of view like a pro.

You’re ready to be that kind of communicator, too.

With communication coaching, we tackle the root causes behind your speaking challenges.

It’s your turn to shine on stages, podcasts, and in the boardroom.

(You’ll even know what to say when someone asks you to introduce yourself.)

Communication coaching is for you if:
  • You want to be able to communicate clearly and concisely, even when you’re speaking off-the-cuff.
  • You’re in a new role at work. You need to master new skills to be an effective leader.
  • You aren’t being heard or creating the impact you want. You worry it’s because you don’t have that elusive quality—executive presence.
Executive Communication Coaching (Full Access Pass)
You need to be prepared to speak at a moment’s notice. Your heavy schedule requires you to have a communications expert on call. Off-the-shelf training programs just don’t work for you. This executive communication coaching service gives you in-the-trenches assistance to help you communicate effectively in every area of your professional life. You get access to me on an as-needed basis—this is a premium coaching offer. I’ll be all-in and available to you whenever you need it.
The Full Access Pass is for you if:
  • You’re a busy executive who is ready to elevate your public speaking and communication skills:

     at board and team meetings, in-person and online
     during one-on-one conversations
     and delivering keynotes, presentations, and webinars.

  • You ready to achieve the next level of influence by unlocking the master communicator within you.
Communication Strategy Call

Are you struggling with a thorny communication issue?

In this 1-hour intensive we will polish, tighten, and refine your communication strategy around one specific thing. The thing you need help with.

A strategy call is perfect for when you need help right away.

It’s time for a strategy call when:
  • You’re dreading a difficult conversation with someone at work. You need support to engage confidently.
  • You need clarity on your messaging for an upcoming podcast, radio, or TV interview.
  • You’re building your personal brand and need to find the story that will set you apart—to be remembered.
  • You’re struggling with a communication issue (any communication issue) and you need a call with an expert to get you unstuck.

Group Training

Public Speaking Workshops

I’m a public speaking coach, but in my workshops you won’t find me speaking from the podium.

My group public speaking training sessions are immersive, focused on giving your team the experiences they need to become confident leaders who can drive and support change.

I will train your team so that communication becomes your competitive advantage.

Expect interactive exercises, real-life scenarios, and laughter while building public speaking skills.

Public speaking workshops are for:
  • Nonprofits, Corporations big and small. (I don’t do off-the-shelf training—each workshop I run is tailored to what your team needs.)
  • Professionals who need training to uplevel their presentation skills.
  • Executive teams that need to engage and inspire stakeholders for town halls, internal and external presentations, keynotes, board meetings, and investor pitches.

You don’t have to know what type of coaching you need. I can help.

Book yourself in for a free, no-obligation discovery call.

I just need to listen to your story to know what type of coaching will get you the results you want. So that you can become the leader you were meant to be.

Free no-obligation discovery call


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