Struggling with

You’re in exactly the right place.

We can’t not communicate.

But it isn’t always something that comes naturally to everyone.

And now more than ever, your ability to use your voice to pitch, persuade, impress and inspire has never been more important.

Whether you’re…

…being interviewed for a podcast
…trying to acquire a board position
…pitching strategy, presenting at a meeting
…or even contemplating a difficult conversation with a team member

There’s no getting around the need to communicate your message with compassion, competence, and confidence.

Maybe they were born with it.
Maybe it’s their Communication Coach.

Have you ever watched a master communicator at work? More likely than not, you were probably so enraptured by what they were saying, that you didn’t pay attention to how they were saying it.

Skilled communicators have three things in spades:

Authenticity: The ability to turn their personality up to an 11, without losing the essence of who they are
Clarity: The ability to choose the right words to say the right thing so it’s immediately clear
Structure: The ability to structure an argument for maximum impact.

That’s it. Not gender, not accent, not background.

And the great thing?
All three of those skills can be taught.

60-Minute Coaching & Strategy Session

A 60-minute intensive designed to get to you polish, tighten and refine your communication skills. Perfect for when you need help right away!

1 x 60-minute Coaching & Strategy Session

Limited spots available

Here’s what past clients and I have achieved in 60-minutes
 Crafting pitches to get on podcasts, in publications, and stages of all kinds and sizes  Refining investor pitches  Creating an air-tight presentation framework that’s persuasive and convincing  Finding ‘the’ compelling story to help build a personal brand  Defining the strategic process to acquire board positions  Clarifying new ideas to confidently speak about them  Scripting difficult conversations so they’re carried out with firmness AND compassion. And more. If it involves getting your message across with more authenticity and confidence, I can help. Don’t see your problem on this list? Email me at to see if it’s something I can help with.
“For anybody who has read an article or correspondence from a senior colleague or business leader and said to themselves, “I wish I could communicate like that, but it’s just not in my DNA”, my response would be, “Yes it is. Go see Janice”.”

Tim Oakley
Director of Procurement

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“I give presentations on almost a daily basis now without any issues. Thank you, Janice—you empowered, encouraged, and motivated me to be the confident speaker I always wanted to be! ”

“Last year my dream of becoming a professional educator was coming true, although the one thing that was holding me back was my fear of public speaking! My first presentation was 90 minutes long in front of 250 people! Janice is a gifted individual who is patient, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable in the area of communication. I give presentations on almost a daily basis now without any issues. Thank you, Janice—you empowered, encouraged, and motivated me to be the confident speaker I always wanted to be! ”

Joanne Jorge
Territory Manager, inVentiv Health Commercial & Straumann

Meet Your New Communication Coach

Hi there! Over the 12 years, I’ve worked as an Executive Communication Coach with clients in industries ranging from AI to gaming, to law and academia. They range from emerging leaders to those who have multi-million dollar budgets. 

While working with me, many of my clients have been promoted or started their own businesses.
When a client texts me to say, “I made the big ask and got a yes” or “I stood on stage or delivered a webinar with full confidence and received awesome feedback”, their words make me so proud for what we’ve accomplished together.

When we clear away the shadow (or cobwebs) of self-doubt, there’s a world filled with opportunities and possibilities open to you. 

My goal is to help you see this. 

Trusted by

“I was impressed with how great an impact Janice was able to have within a short time. I was blown away with the feedback I received from the executives following my presentations.”

“I reached out to Janice as I was struggling with some upcoming presentations I was doing for senior executives. While I had been doing presentations for years, I wanted to make these presentations stand out and had less than three weeks to prepare. Janice was a pleasure to work with. She was readily available with her time, flexible and adapted her approach to my needs. She provided me with assignments after each meeting so that I could bring my presentation – both the content and presentation of it – to the next level. Her approach balanced being supportive and encouraging all while pushing me to get to the next level. Given I was working with a short timeline, it was a lot of work and big time commitment on my part. The results were worth the effort. I was impressed with how great an impact Janice was able to have within a short time. I was blown away with the feedback I received from the executives following my presentations. I will continue to work with Janice in the future.

Cynthia Donahue
HR Professional

Hone your communication skills, and become the leader you were meant to be

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You’ll receive exactly what you signed up for – tangible, actionable steps to solve your problem. That means you might be nudged out of your comfort zone a little, and you might have to examine your thoughts and confront patterns that are holding you back. But, everything we do is designed to tackle the problem you came in with.

These strategy calls are best if you have a specific problem you’re looking to solve. If you’ve got something bigger you’d like to work on, you might be better served by my 6-month coaching program.

If you’re worried about your schedule, let’s chat and see if it’s something we can work around.

Toastmasters is a template process. That’s not my style. I work with clients who want to deliver unique, memorable, and surprising speeches, and who are driven to become inspiring communicators using their authentic voices. I don’t count umms and ahhs, and nor should you. We all have our nuances that make us unique, and I believe in celebrating them!

You’ll always meet with me! My goal has always been to work with a highly select group of individuals, and that allows me to make sure I’m fully present for my clients. If we’re working together, then it’s me you’re getting, and I’ll be in your corner as long as you need me!

Did I miss your question?

If I did, drop an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.
“You helped me so much, Janice! You would have been proud. People were coming up to me saying they felt my message and they thought I was so brave. The way I spoke and took pauses was very effective! I felt proud. You are a great teacher and coach!!!”

Jeanine Hunter
Senior Transport Manager, Loblaw Co Ltd

Strengthen your public speaking skills, enhance your executive presence in the workplace, and become the leader you were meant to be. 


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