You’ve planned out the bones of your speech.
Now what?

You felt optimistic when you said “yes” to speaking at the event.

That optimism is long gone.

Uncertainty looms.

Suddenly, you’re overthinking everything:

  • Is this the right message?
  • Will it connect with my audience?
  • Will they be persuaded by my ideas?
  • Will they clap? Will it be wholehearted or just polite?

Your inner critic is stopping you from finishing.

woman coaching another woman

The problem isn’t your speech.
The problem is you’re doing it alone.

You’ve asked your colleagues, but they’re too busy to really go deep.

You’ve asked your partner, but they care about you too much to tell you what they really think.

And—if we’re being honest—they don’t have much more experience giving speeches than you do.

You need the expert eyes of someone willing and able to tell you the truth.

Without sugar-coating it.

But without making you feel bad, either.

Introducing: Honest Presentation Reviews
Expert help. On Demand.

You can have clarity.

You can have a clear path forward.

And you can have it in just 48 hours.

Here's how it works:

Simply book your call and send me what you’ve got

Click the booking button below to choose your meeting time and answer a few questions.

Then attach your draft  presentation.

It can be an outline, slides with bulleted notes, or a fully fleshed-out draft.

Don’t overthink it – just attach what you’ve got right now.

Your 1:1 Strategy call

Next, we spend 30 mins together, 1:1 over Zoom.

I need to meet you and understand your audience and goals to give you the personalized, tailored recommendations you need.

I encourage you to ask your own questions, too.

You get results!

I’ll carefully review all the material I’ve collected and create a super-
targeted, specific list of recommendations that will get your speech from “good enough” to “best
keynote ever.”

You’ll get a  structured written outline of my findings as well as a video recapping my recommendations.

Your Honest Presentation Review Includes

A 1:1 strategy call about your speech with a presentation professional

Expert analysis of the outline or draft of your speech/presentation

A structured report of my findings

A video going over those findings

Confidence that you’re on the right track

Limited spots available

Meet Your Presentation Coach, Janice Tomich

For a decade, I’ve worked with professionals in a wide range of industries plan and organize high-impact presentations and speeches.

I know your CEO isn’t spending their evenings and weekends planning presentations alone.

You shouldn’t have to either.

In this Honest Presentation Review Package, I run your draft presentation materials through the same fine-toothed comb I use when I’m reviewing the keynotes of high-level execs.

I can help you refine your message and find your voice.

So that you can show up on stage authentically, completely confident your speech will have exactly the impact you want it to.


Trusted by

Get Expert Presentation Feedback,

“Janice’s approach balanced being supportive and encouraging all while pushing me to get to the next level.

The results were worth the effort. I was impressed with how great an impact Janice was able to have within a short time.

I was blown away with the feedback I received from the executives following my presentations.

Cynthia Donahue
Human Resource Leader & Advisor

“It’s a rare opportunity to work with someone who can help you measurably level up your abilities and performance.”

Margarita Quihuis
ESG Advisor, ED: Peace Innovation Institute, The Hague Peace Innovation Lab Stanford

“But I’m Already Behind!”

The good news is that start to finish it’ll take us 2 days, tops.

You could spend the next 2 days agonizing and second-guessing, writing and rewriting.

Or you could finalize that speech with a clear plan made just for you.

“I had a very short amount of time to prepare for a keynote speech. I approached Janice for help.

Janice assisted me in getting my thoughts organised. She asked me all the right questions around the kind of message I wanted to deliver to my audience.

I am so grateful I found Janice as my keynote would not have been as impactful if I had not worked with her.”

Sucheta Misra
Associate VP Inclusion & Diversity and Social Impact Leader

I Don’t Use a Checklist. But Here’s a Checklist.

I don’t follow an off-the-shelf checklist or use a template when reviewing drafts.

But as a little preview, these are the types of elements I’ll be considering as I read your draft

the hook
use of stories
use of humor

audience perspective
event fit
word choice

the close 
use of analogies
personal insight
data vs emotion
visual language

And anything else you’re struggling with and need specific help on.


Audit. Critique. Honest Feedback?
know that these words don’t exactly bring up warm fuzzy feelings for you. The painful truth is that too much of the “feedback” you’ve received in your life has been misinformed, unhelpful, maybe even mean.
I want to reassure you that I’m a rather gentle soul. However, I’m known for being able to give tough feedback kindly. Some of my clients say that working with me is even “a little bit like therapy.”
In short, you can expect feedback that builds you up, instead of tearing you down. I’ll tell you honestly what needs fixing … but I’ll also tell you how to fix it.
So that you don’t have to figure it out all on your own.

Newsflash: Presentation planning is messy! If your notes are a mess, that means you’re doing it right!

What looks like a mess to you looks like the beginning of a good presentation to me. The raw material of something amazing.

Finding the gold—the message, the throughline, the compelling stories hidden just below the surface—is my sweet spot.

So no, your disorganized notes don’t phase me. Please just send me what you’ve got.

The last thing I’d want you to do is spend your precious time tidying up your notes for me—that’s not a valuable use of your time.

I’ll understand it. Promise.

This is a big one.
Many people (maybe you?) believe that some people are natural communicators and other people just aren’t—and never will be. They believe that only extroverts can ever be good at public speaking, and if you’ve tried it and it felt awkward then you’re not one of the lucky few.
But here’s the truth: No one is born knowing how to “own the room.” Not you, not me, and not even Oprah.
Charisma, confidence and even “executive presence” are simply the natural outgrowth of having passion and purpose—which I know if you’re planning on delivering a presentation you have in spades.
The first step is simply to get crystal clear on your message. Know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. There’s no better time to refine that than when you’re in the thick of planning your speech.
And once you’ve got your presentation draft squared away, you’ll feel the weight lifted from your shoulders.

Maybe you’ve procrastinated, but it’s not too late. It’s never too late to give it your all.

And (arguably) getting outside help is even more game-changing if you’re up against an uncomfortably close deadline. Why work alone when you can have some help?

Book a time for us to meet and two days later you’ll have a clear plan on what to do next on your speech. It’s simply the best use of the time you have left.

Of course! Booking in advance is smart because working 1:1 with a presentation coach means adding structure to your presentation planning process. Clients often tell me that a huge benefit of working with me is that it kept them on track.
Deciding on a deadline to get your draft done by means that you’ve set up some outside accountability for yourself—which, let’s be honest, is almost worth the price of admission.
(There’s no need to give me the details or your draft if you’re booking in far out in advance—booking saves your spot. I’ll send you an email the week before we meet about how to send your draft materials.)

Did I miss your question?

If I did, drop an email to and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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