“Who wants to speak at the conference this year?” Silence.

Public Speaking & Communication Skills Workshops

You know—and everyone on your team knows—that saying “yes” to speaking at industry events would push forward their career.

So why does no one raise their hand when you ask for volunteers?

Because last time it felt uncomfortable.

Maybe it was public speaking anxiety. Or impostor syndrome. Or maybe they believe they don’t have it in them, that they’ll never be a good presenter.

But you wish they could see themselves differently.

Because then they’d present differently—

… on stage

… in boardrooms

… for investor pitches

… and 1:1 with that new client you just signed on.

Public speaking workshops mean everyone on your team becomes a better, more confident speaker

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We’ll cover everything related to presenting

The content

What to say

Memorable presentations don’t happen by accident, they are intentionally crafted to drive impact.

I’ll guide your team in exercises to find & refine messages that stick.

The delivery

How to say it

Everyone can learn to become a better presenter. It’s not something you’re born with, it’s something you learn.

We’ll practice skills like pacing, projecting your voice, and what to say instead of “umm.”

The format

Hands-on learning

You can’t build skills just by listening.

Expect breakout sessions and lots of practice so that they’ll feel at ease when they give their next presentation.

Not a Cookie-Cutter Public Speaking Workshop

You can’t get results with a pre-recorded, yawn-inducing “Presentation Skills 101” course.

You also can’t get results with a templated public speaking workshop that has nothing to do with the actual presentations your team needs to give next month.

I’ll work with you to prepare a custom-designed workshop schedule. Built from the ground up to give everyone the specific skills they need to show up confidently, speak clearly, and make their mark.

Wondering if a workshop is what you need?

Book yourself in for a no-strings-attached discovery call.

Tell me about the challenges you’re facing with your team’s presentation & communication skills.

I can help you decide if a workshop format is right for you.

Kati Varga
Business Brain, Design Eye | Marketing & Advertising

Janice was brought on to work with a diverse group of practitioners in preparation for a large conference we were hosting. Janice was able to work with each presenter individually, and in pairs, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Janice’s commitment to the quality of our event was clear from day one; she was actively invested in the development of each presenter.

1:1 coaching is built in

I don’t just do workshops—I’m also a professional public speaking coach.

I’ve guided more than a thousand professionals from all walks of life in developing & delivering the types of presentations that mark the pivot point in a career. Think keynotes, investor pitches, and presenting to the board.

I know that not everything is best learned in a group format.

Some parts of perfecting a presentation need to be addressed in a private setting. This is why every participant also gets a follow-up coaching call with me.

It’s their chance to have an expert help them with any communication issue they are facing at work.

I usually charge $350 for these but they’re included in each workshop so that what starts at the workshop doesn’t end at the workshop.

Meet Janice

Whether you lead HR or Marketing, you know that your company’s success depends on everyone on your team being able to communicate clearly.

For over a decade, I’ve run public speaking and communication skills workshops for a wide range of corporate and non-profit organizations, helping their teams find their voice and their confidence.

I know that even the most junior member of your team can become an excellent public speaker—let me show you how.

Pick and choose the skills you need your team to have

Here’s a list of topics that you could have included in your workshop…

Public speaking skills

Designing messages that stick
Business storytelling
Getting past public speaking anxiety
Writing & giving keynotes
Crafting a compelling intro & conclusion
Identifying your argument & throughline
The best ways to practice
Effective body language
Slidedeck creation
How to nail the next presentation they’re giving (any format)

Communication skills

Handling hard conversations
Speaking off the cuff
Making the ask
Business networking skills
Speaking up in meetings
Projecting executive presence
Getting comfortable meeting new people (not just elevator pitches)
Media training
Presenting to executives
… and any other communication issue your team struggles with

Tim Oakley
Director of Procurement

For anybody who has read an article or correspondence from a senior colleague or business leader and said to themselves, “I wish I could communicate like that, but it’s just not in my DNA”, my response would be, “Yes it is. Go see Janice”.

Gabrielle Garon
HR Manager at CounterPath

Janice provides tactics that can be applied with ease while still explaining the ‘why’ behind her teachings. I’d recommend a workshop with Janice with no hesitations. Her workshop is best suited for someone who needs help organizing their thoughts, ideas, and stories into practical presentations — especially those who have tight deadlines in creating content!

Evi Mustel
Mustel Group, Vancouver, BC

I liked Janice’s approach of offering a workshop to an intimate group of women. By attending her workshop I learned how to prepare a presentation and the importance of using the three-theme rule. I gained confidence in learning the skills of how to position my body, breathing, and voice projection.

Always included in every workshop:

A custom designed, hands-on, and practical workshop experience precisely tailored to developing the presentation and/or communication skills your team needs

Activities (not lectures) that get your team out of their chairs and developing new skills

Every participant gets a private 1:1 call with me after the workshop

Follow-up call with you to make sure you know how to keep the momentum going

Public speaking workshops start at $6000

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions like these

The length of your workshop and the specific schedule are up to you. It depends on how much of your team’s time you can devote to professional development and on the specific goals you have for the workshop.

What has worked best for other companies like yours? Workshops that run over 3 or 4 days, mornings only.

Yes. I often give workshops to prepare teams for a specific event—like a client showcase or the AGM.

If you have something specific your team needs training for then mention it on our discovery call.

The good news is that when your team has something concrete to prepare for you’ll see results quickly.

Group settings always include people with different levels of experience. This is a good thing because in group workshops everyone learns from one another.

At the end of the workshop each participant (or each team, if it’s a large group) will deliver a presentation. I will provide a wide and varied range of feedback for their presentations so that everyone will leave with new knowledge and skills.

My workshops are hands-on and active, so they work best in-person.

It’s different for remote teams, who do most of their communications (including presentations) online. I’ve run public speaking and communication skills workshops for remote teams online and it works well.

Get in touch if you’re considering an online option and I’ll work with you to decide if your goals can be achieved in an online format.

The ideal size for a public speaking workshop is 6 to 16 people, but larger workshops are possible. Get in touch if you need help deciding what size of workshop would best suit your goals.

My in-person presentation training workshops start at $6000 USD. My packages include the 1:1 calls with each participant after the workshop.

Pricing depends on how many people are attending, how long the workshop will be, and the location. Book me for a discovery call and I will provide a quote for your workshop after the call.

Yes, I’ve traveled all over to give public speaking workshops.

Workshops save time

Coaching team members one-by-one isn’t efficient, especially if you’re doing it yourself. 

A public speaking workshop means everyone can level up, together.


Give the keynote. Without the nerves.

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