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You’re busy.

And you want to be a better public speaker and communicator.

But you don’t want your inbox filled with another eblast.

I’m busy too. I only send out emails when I’ve got something worthwhile to say. Sometimes it’s a few emails in a row and othertimes you won’t hear from me for a month or two. I am working on consistancy…it’s a (slow) work in progress.

Via my emails I share my thoughts and ideas to help you become a better public speaker/communicator. (If you don’t need more convincing here’s where you sign up) It’s not the pedesrian fluff that you can search and find on Google. It’s the nuggets I’ve learned through lots of years of experience that will help you improve how you deliver your communication and how it lands. And the fascinating information and research (what can I say, I’m a communication nerd) I’m always learning.

I’ll also let you know what I’m up to, too – what’s on offer. Because, you see, I have this burr in me. I want to see a lot more people become better public speakers because your voices need to be heard. It’s through our/your stories, thoughts, ideas and vision that this crazy mixed up world will, and can, change for the better. Now, more than ever, your and our voices are needed.

Here’s the sign up link. It’ll take you a few MailChimp steps. It’s worth it (and it’s also dead easy to unsubscribe).

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