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Many thanks to Inc.com, Huffington Post Canada, American Express OPEN Forum, & Daily Zen for hosting me as a contributing writer and Roundhouse Radio & Charity Village for inviting me to contribute to the conversation. 

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3 Steps to Getting Presentation Feedback…That’s Actually Helpful

  American Express OPEN Forum:  Presentation critique can be hard to take, but it can also make you better. These three tips can help you get — and accept — feedback on your presentation so … read more

Memorizing Your Next Presentation Can Sabotage Your Efforts

  Huffington Post Canada:  Have you noticed the difference between a presenter who has memorized their presentation word for word and one who riffs off key points? There is a big difference. In fact, it’s … read more

Three Signs Your Values Don’t Fit Your Work Life

  Daily Zen:  “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” ― Roy Disney Respectfully, I disagree with Mr. Disney. Every day we are challenged to make value-based decisions with … read more

5 Tips For Dealing With Public Speaking Nerves Before They Hit

  Huffington Post Canada:  Public speaking nerves and anxiety are an evil nemesis if left untamed, and one that even the most seasoned speakers are not immune to. If you’re freaked out with nerves you … read more

Why I’ve Decided to Ignore the Gospel of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk

  Inc.com:   Legendary entrepreneurs are brilliant at driving their own vision. They’re just not good at driving yours or mine…read more>

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