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We are always presenting…whether it’s at the water cooler, in the boardroom, or at the podium. Often the thought of public speaking causes our heart to pump overtime and our palms to sweat. Ever have that out of body experience? We have too and know how to show you how to get back to mother earth.

We all know that to grow our careers the mastery of public speaking is critical. You may have missed a plum opportunity because you didn’t persuade your colleagues or clients.

The good news is that public speaking skills can be  learned — from anxiety management to focussing your message to learning how to tell your story. We’re here to share easy to learn tools and support you.

I’ll work with you, either face to face in Vancouver, BC, Canada, or virtually, to ensure your next presentation delivers the results you want. I guarantee that you will be pleased to work with us.    ~    Janice Tomich, Founder & Owner: Calculated Presentations


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  • Janice...has brought us to a new level in terms of confidence, connections and sense of possibility. We credit her insight and vision in helping us bring our message to the bigger stage, as well as bringing media interest and exposure. We wish her every success and look forward to working with her again.
    Suzanne Siemens & Madeleine Shaw, Co-founders LunaPads
  • Janice provides tactics that can be applied with ease while still explaining the 'why' behind her teachings. I'd recommend a workshop with Janice with no hesitations. Her workshop is best suited for someone who needs help organizing their thoughts, ideas, and stories into practical presentations -- especially those who have tight deadlines in creating content!
    Gabrielle Garon ~ HR Coordinator at ImageX Media
  • I attended one of Janice's "Women's Presentation Workshops" and was most impressed. She organized a great event, in a forum that was engaging and encouraging. Her practical advice and tips for improvement were well received by all in attendance. She is sincere, a great listener and a natural teacher. I would highly recommend her!
    B. G., CFO, Manufacturing Firm
  • Janice is tenacious, determined and very focused. She has a strong sense of fair play and ethics, and a clear understanding of the need for client orientation. Janice has good judgement, pays attention to detail and takes assignments through to completion.
    Dr Doug Dean ~ Advisor, Philip Morris International
  • By attending one of Janice's workshops and reading her newsletter, I have learned new skills and ideas that have greatly improved my abilities in speaking and teaching workshops. Janice can help you learn how to truly engage your audience, not just present to them.
    Monique Steensma - Program Manager, Mediate BC
  • Working with Janice has given me the confidence and self belief in my abilities in order to communicate effectively by being myself. It was a pleasure working with Janice and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
    Suneth Walawege, Software QA Analyst at TMW Systems
  • Janice has the rare gift of being able to extract key messages from a complicated outline, to create a presentation that is clear, concise and meaningful. She is able to do this while still making the presenter feel confident and comfortable. It was a thrill to have the opportunity to work with Janice. She brought so much clarity to the process and I cannot thank her enough.
    Jill Earthy - Director, BC & Yukon CDN Youth Business Foundation
  • Janice and Corrie are two fantastic presenters with a lot of knowledge to share. They were recently featured as speakers at a CPRS Breakfast and from the outset the audience was captivated with their presentation. Janice and Corrie were fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to enhance their presentation skills.
    Kristina Driedger ~ Peak Communicators
  • “Janice Tomich coached me twice in preparation for a keynote speech. I hired her to help me fine-tune my opening and closing remarks, I was so happy with the first session I hired her to help me with my introductory bio and transitions in my talk. The sessions were short and conveniently over the phone. She was very effective and focused and exceeded my expectations.”
    Coro Strandberg ~ Strandberg Consulting ~ Environmental Sustainablitly
  • I liked Janice’s approach of offering a workshop to an intimate group of women. By attending her workshop I learned how to prepare a presentation and the importance of using the three-theme rule. I gained confidence in learning the skills of how to position my body, breathing, and voice projection.  I would recommend Janice’s workshops to middle to senior managers.
    Evi Mustel, Mustel Group, Vancouver, BC.
  • Janice has a knack for bringing out the best in speakers. She provides insightful and gentle critique, and helps her subjects make the most of their presentations. She's in your corner, giving you the guidance and direction you need without trying to shape or mould your flow. It was delightful moving through the process of creating my first TedX talk, for @TEDX KidsBC
    Devon Brooks - Co- Owner Blo Blow Dry Bar, Speaker and Writer
  • Your insight and encouragement in my role of MC for our annual conference was a big help to me. I had content that I felt confident enough to ad-lib to and I believe that it came across well…you do good work!
    WM - Director, Global Leader of Sustainable Wood Solution Products Organization
  • Thank you again for your coaching… It went a long way in helping me better connect with the audience.
-Ann Gallery, High View Communications; Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal
  • I reached out to Janice Tomich when preparing for a presentation to senior management.  I did not have any previous presentation experience and needed help.  Janice’s coaching style was great and provided me with the tools I needed to improve my presentation.  The positive feedback I received on the day of the presentation, from both my colleagues and VP, was a reflection of the skills Janice helped me develop. Thanks Janice!
    Steve, N. American Transportation Company
  • Janice is one of the most valuable people I have ever met. She is not only a customer-service oriented and honest team player but also an inspiring strategist. Smart co-worker. Experienced developer. Her experience and expertise and dedication makes her view solutions instead of problems. I can highly recommend working with Janice.
 Deborah Downs - Director of Sponsorships, Canuck Place