Public Speaking Coaching

Speaker Coaching: In Person or Online


Take advantage of my experience in strategic communication, presentation skills, public relations, marketing, and sales. I’ll help you get ready for your time on stage with a personalized toolkit of proven mind- and heart-based speaking techniques. Be prepared to move your audience to action. Plan for an immersive experience that teaches you all you need to know to get on stage confidently. (Ask about my crunch-time intervention).

You will:

  • Capture your audience within the first few seconds of your presentation
  • Make them forget they have cell phones
  • Deliver your content smoothly and confidently (without memorizing!)
  • Rediscover your inner storyteller
  • Redirect your anxiety so it’s a powerful positive force to be reconded with
  • Discover the connection between your body language and your confidence
  • Compel your audience to move on your call to action

I’m known as the communication specialist who delivers iron messages using a velvet glove.

Be heard. Be remembered.

Let’s Connect

Crunch Time Intervention.

These one-off sessions are for professionals who have a presentation scheduled within the next week or two and need a second pair of experienced ears and eyes to drive home your message to influence your audience.

You’ll need to have a solid draft of your content. If you’re using a slidedeck it should be nearly complete.

We’ll meet for up to three hours in person. Or to meet online for a straight talking one-hour session schedule a meeting here.

You’ll leave with the tools and techniques to confidently deliver your presentation.

Be bold. Get heard. Inspire action.