Dream Chaser, Published Scribbler Melissa Haynes

by Janice Tomich

Melissa is the real deal. I had the good fortune of meeting her because she invited me to lunch and I consider myself lucky. She calls herself a Free-Spirited, Dream-Chasing Adventure Junkie and Published Scribbler. She is the author of “Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles”, which is a South African expression that means, ‘have the courage to have the courage.’

Melissa has the courage and then some.

Listen in, won’t you?

Show Notes

3:06: Managing stage anxiety by playing with the lion’s testicles

4:20: 92% of people give up on their dreams before they even try

7:00: The opposite of fear is conformity

9:13: Feeding (and being at one) with the cheetah and facing her fears

13:04: Facing fear again – Being featured on Jimmy Fallon

17:38: P.L.A.Y. – Permission, Lay low, Acknowledge your fear, and Y not.

24:21: The effect Melissa’s story has had on others

Where to Find Melissa

Web: Melissa Haynes
Book: Learning to Play with a Lion’s Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa
TEDx Talk: The Secret of Achievers, Conquerors, & Living Life to the Fullest.
Twitter: Melissa J Haynes

About Melissa

Melissa Haynes studied Business at BCIT and Thompson Rivers University where she graduated with honors. In her previous life she worked in advertising and ran a business in Central America.

She was a project manager for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and ghostwrote a column about entertaining in the Vancouver Courier and a chapter in the award-winning chef’s cookbook Inside the Recipe Box.

Melissa moved to Los Angeles and sublet a century-old walk-up on Sunset Boulevard where her writing career was launched and her fear of cockroaches quickly dissipated after numerous encounters.

She is a chronic adventure junkie, outdoor enthusiast, travel addict and loves anything created by the Big Guy above – including spiders (trap and release professional from tiny specs to big and hairys).

She is most passionate about animals, people, adventure, nature, conservation, and scribbling.

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