Get Unstuck from Imposter Syndrome with Tanya Geisler

You may have heard the voice inside your head before. This is the negative chatter called the Imposter Syndrome that speaks at a critical moment of change in your life. Maybe you’ve been asked to give a TEDx talk like Tanya Geisler was.

Tanya, a talented leadership coach and professional speaker has dedicated herself to helping others get unstuck from the imposter complex. Her dedication has led her to sharing this message on the TEDxIsfeldWomen stage in her talk, Owning Our Authority.

Come join me as Tanya shares the tools and techniques of managing imposter syndrome and getting unstuck from the “not good enoughs”. In this interview, you will learn about how Tanya overcame her own imposter complex, how to meet the inner critic, and how it can help you create connection.

Show Highlights

3:00 The words of the imposter complex – “who me?”

5:18 Tanya’s inner critic and thought process as she overcame her own imposter complex

6:40 The reason the imposter syndrome exists and why we allow the cherry bombs of the inner critic to explode

9:00 How the imposter syndrome is a part of our evolution

10:30 Meet the critic and get under the fears that are present

15:10 An alternative strategy to “fake it until you make it”: rooting into your authority

17:00 Reminding yourself from your accomplishments all of the times the imposter complex has come up and how you’ve jumped in spite of it

18:34 The two words the imposter complex hates more than anything – “thank you”

21:57 The ego wants more than what it can get and this is normal part of desiring the next stage

23:08 Creating the imposter jar and how that can help you create connection

24:35 How assembling the cast in the audience can make the difference for you.


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Tanya’s TEDxIsfeldWomen talk: Owning Our Authority

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