How to get a Smartphone Addicted Audience’s Attention

by Janice Tomich

We’ve all had it happen. As presenters we look out into our audience and see audience member’s fingers flying or eyes mesmerized by their Smartphones.

Brad Philips, whose blog Mr. Media Training I religiously read for public speaking and media training tips, has a number of savvy ways to get your audience back listening to you:

Watching an audience member (or, heavens forbid, many audience members) glued to his or her mini-screen throughout your talk can be distracting, discouraging, and even infuriating. On the other hand, it may also be a valuable sign to you as a speaker that you’re boring the audience, necessitating a change in technique. Here are five things you can do the next time you catch someone using their smartphone throughout your talk. – See more

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