Smart Words from Nancy Duarte ~ Member of Presentation Royalty

There is a movement afoot, created by audience unrest – those who feel the pain of bad presentations.

Think of the best presentations you have been to. You listened intently because the speaker engaged you with their speaking style, ability to tell a story, hooking you in from the first minutes, and leave the audience wanting more.

Are you an early adapter or are you lagging behind in your presentation skills?

The early adapters know how to engage their audiences. The laggards persist on hiding behind a lectern, their slides and present lecture style.

The tide is turning – those who choose to remain a talking head are feeling the sting of Twitter streams critiquing (not in a positive light) them as they speak.

Nancy Duarte, the powerhouse behind Duarte Design, articulates the state of presentations today and tells us about the leaders who are forging ahead – those who are educating us on how to present well so that audiences are engaged and learn deeply.

Check out Nancy’s insight into what makes a presentation great:


As Nancy said, Ted Talks are a brilliant example of presenting done right. Check them out for inspiration.


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