Pre-Presentation Checklist

Five Things to Check Before Your Next Public Speaking Engagement

Before you develop your presentation, check with the event organizer and ask for the names and contact information of five to ten attendees. Give them a quick call or send them an email asking them what they want to learn from your session and for one burning question.

If you can not visit the venue before you are scheduled to speak, ask the organizer for:
- Room dimensions
- Seating style
- What types of audio visual equipment will be supplied
- To supply drinking water
- A picture of the room

If you are supporting your speaking content with PowerPoint or Keynote insure that your laptop’s operating system is compatible with the projector. New models of projectors are not usually an issue. Older projectors, due to lack of your specific driver, can be glitchy and if you are a Mac user take extra caution.

Insure that if you have movie clips embedded in your slidedeck and if you need sound confirm the facility has speakers.

Run through your slidedeck and check that it runs smoothly. Embed your clips into the slides (and use the same laptop that you are running your deck from). Tooble is a fabulous piece of software to embed YouTube videos seamlessly.

Do you have more tips to insure a smooth running speaking engagement? Likely they come from the wisdom of experience as mine have…