The Three Risks You Take By Giving A Boring Presentation

While reading my mind Jeffrey Gittomer states, “If I had a dollar for every boring presentation I have been to I would be rich”.

We both attend presentations more than most people. I agree with Jeffrey the bar is set too low.

Why then is it that the most important platform for showcasing ourselves can be so pedestrian and boring? Because it’s human nature to follow in the footsteps of others thinking it is the “right” way.

Status quo is boring and lazy. Have you noticed the number of people who are often plugged into their iPhone or Blackberry during a presentation? Why? Because the presenter was not able to engage her audience.

Each time you default to status quo you risk damaging your credibility, having your competitors leaving you behind, and not standing out.

Do You Stand Out?
Many presenters follow the same old schtick. Out comes the PowerPoint presentation and the speaker lectures from a script. Imagine the impact you would make if you didn’t use PowerPoint and didn’t lecture your audience.

Take the lead from Jeff Hurt over at the Velvet Chainsaw where he shares his insight into audience engagement and effective brain based learning. Audiences are hungry to be informed and inspired – learn how and you will stand out.

Are You At Risk of Becoming Obsolete?
The “same old” may have worked in the past but it is not a plan for the future. When you present like everyone else does, you look tired and old risking a bright young whipper snapper bolting ahead of you.
Learn how to develop your presentation with a strong story arc and understand why it is crucial that slidedecks should be image based rather than text heavy.

Being Ordinary Damages Your Credibility
Audiences crave thought leaders. When you present status quo material you are not viewed as a visionary who can bring thought provoking or creative solutions to the table. Certainly a foundation of knowledge is needed but demands on our workforce change at a rapid rate – those sought after are those who can part the grass and see the track ahead.
Check that your material is relevant to your audience and that it offers opportunity and answers forward thinking questions.

The good news is there is lots of room available on the other side of the bar. Are you going to sneak under the bar or will you be leaping over?

Image: Marcus Hansson

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