Three Powerful Public Speaking Techniques used by TED speaker Ron Finley


Did you catch Ron Finley’s presentation at TED 2013? He was a powerhouse who captivated his audience and received a resounding standing O. If you haven’t watched him you should:



Ron beautifully demonstrates what separates presenters who have their audience enthralled from those who don’t.

But a little aside…understand that it didn’t come easy nor was it a quick process for Ron to get to the TED stage.

When I was introduced to Ron he had a solid draft for his 12 minute presentation. This was about two months before he was scheduled to speak. His TED presentation was significantly different that his first rendition delivered at the Vancouver audition a few months before we met.

Just like writing a book or a movie script the final draft of a presentation often is very different than the first. It is a work in progress — a process.

Ron is a creative and a designer by trade. He was no stranger to the creative process and embraced it.

Tip #1 – Be patient while building your presentation. Give yourself lots of time to be creative and let your tap of insight flow.

Ron’s presentation was memorable. The TED conference twitter stream was jumping with nuggets of wisdom. These gems were purposefully built in to have legs and stick in the minds of the audience for weeks and months after.



And then this memorable finish in Ron’s vernacular …


Tip #2 – Invest the time to create the nuggets … those little gems that your audience will carry away with them and remember.


The qualities that I most admire in Ron was that he spoke from the heart (passionate man) and never wavered from the integrity of his story. Ron asked for feedback from many colleagues and peers. And some advised him to water down his words. I advised him not to – to stick with his story and deliver with the rawness that it is. I’m glad that he stuck to his guns because the proof of a story well told, that captivated hearts and minds, showed itself in February, 2013 on the TED stage in Long Beach, California.

Tip #3 – Your story is your story. Don’t give anyone the license to make yours wallpaper paste.

Well done and well said Ron – kudos! It was a pleasure working with you. Enjoy what grows ….



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