We’re Always Presenting

Have you met my brilliant colleague Elena Verlee who is the dynamo behind PR In Your Pajamas?

You should! Elena has built a few, well more than a few, thriving businesses from the ground up with little cash investment. A brilliant and hardworking young woman – one to follow (and learn from).

Elena and I both have a fascination for all things Social Media and learning how they best work for our businesses. We come from two different sides of the Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales perspectives. But I believe that we both agree that we are always presenting ourselves.

As a fellow business owner I am consistently working on growing my business and you will often find me networking (we have to come up with a better word) around Vancouver. From Elena’s latest article it looks like she is too.

Elena makes two great points:

  • During conferences much of the meaty discussion and relationship building happens in the hallways. Yes, that’s right not where the bums in seats are. It is easier to sit back and observe but to propel a business it’s on your feet and shaking hands that will do it.
  • Greet the hosts – find them and they will be glad you did. As Elena says they have created the event to be of service and they want to make sure their attendees are satisfied. Thank you for the kick in the pants Elena.

Elena and I agree, you are always presenting so extend a hand and meet someone new. Oh the possibilities.

To your voice!



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