Promoting Gender Diversity on Stage with Stefanie Grieser

by Janice Tomich

As many of you know promoting gender diversity on stage is a subject close to my heart. It actually ticks me off (watering down my words) that in 2017 we aren’t anywhere near parity.

When I found, “There Aren’t Enough Qualified Women Speakers” and Other Garbage Excuses for Why Your Marketing Event Isn’t Gender Diverse“, co-authored by Stefanie Grieser and Amy Wood, I was excited to hear Stef and Amy were championing more female speakers to take the stage.

When Stefanie Grieser organized the Call to Action Conference (CTAConf) four years ago, she sang the same old myth when asked why the majority of her panel were males: “There aren’t enough qualified female speakers.”

Four years later, she knows this was an excuse. Stefanie has not only shared the stage as a speaker at Unbounce but has made it her goal to have both genders represented equally on stage. Stefanie has started the #PresentHer movement, a compiled list of female speakers from the marketing and technology industries.

Come join me as Stefanie shares about her experience getting stage ready for the first time, what it’s like for female speakers at conferences, and how she’s changing the issue of gender diversity by supporting women to take the stage.

Stefanie Greiser on Gender Diversity

Show Highlights

2:16  How the article,“There Aren’t Enough Qualified Women Speakers” and Other Garbage Excuses for Why Your Marketing Event Isn’t Gender Diverse, co-authored by Stefanie Greiser and Amy Wood started

4:50 How gender diversity was addressed at CTAConf

7:47 How Stefanie became a speaker at the Unbounce CTAConf

11:16 Her experience working with Oli Gardner, Co-founder of Unbounce as her stage mentor and getting herself stage ready

11:56 The importance of breaking down what you want to teach and share with your audience

13:54 Developing the code of conduct to create a safe, comfortable environment

18:03 Is educating conference organizers or encouraging more women to speak more important?

19:37 Finding speakers for the conference that can bring value to the audience

21:18 How “unseasoned” speakers learn about their audience and create slide decks for them

23:40 The reason there may not be many female founders on stage

24:40 Her experience with inviting male vs. female speakers

26:20 Why lists are only lists until they are put into action

26:30 The #PresentHer list that Stefanie created and how she is putting it into action


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Find out about the Call to Action Conference

About Stefanie Grieser

As the 9th employee at Unbounce, Stefanie Grieser has gone from scrappy startup marketer to passionate, scale-up leader, heading up international markets, partnerships and events. She was named top 100 female marketers to follow and loves turning a good idea into an impactful, memorable experience.

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