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Usually I don’t sign petitions. Why? Well I hate it when I look back and see that I had previously signed a petition and via an internet breadcrumb trail realize that the cause is not one I still believe in.

Yes, we do grow up don’t we?

But the CBC, or to the uninitiated the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is near and dear to my heart. Sage voices have kept me company during my previous career where I worked in a silo and appreciated the ample wisdom. Back in the day it was the booming voice of Peter Gzowski – I truly had a crush on the man but sadly never had the opportunity to meet him. My weekend mornings are now filled with the upbeat and articulate voice of Sheryl MacKay who has introduced me to emerging and established artists.

And then there is my heartthrob, Gian Ghomeshi, the host of Q. He is in the old Gzowski time slot and I’m sure that Peter is chuckling along with us at Gian’s wit and razor sharp interview style. [FYI Gian does craft and respond to tweets.] I had the pleasure of watching Gian masterfully interview an “Emerging Leaders” panel where he artfully questioned gender and race bias. He had some of Vancouver’s leaders squirming and them leaving with food for thought. Gian is not a politically correct, tow the line kinda guy.

I’m not a fan of fully government supported endeavours as IMHO it makes organizations flabby. But I don’t think the CBC is flabby, it gives me the dose of Canadiana that keeps my appreciation of the country I call home in check.

It appears that the CBC’s life is being threatened again. I’ve signed their petition below and know that I won’t regret the breadcrumbs this time. Will you?


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