Isaac Lidsky: We Choose How Our Life Unfolds

by Janice Tomich

Come join me as Issac shares how he prepared for his TED talk, how to deal with our inner critic, and how we can create our own reality in every moment.

His inspiring vision has led him to be a public speaker, sharing his story among many stages. His talk at TEDSummit in Banff reached 1 million views in 20 days. Today, it has over 2.2 million views. He has also authored the New York Times Bestseller, Eyes Wide Open.

Despite losing his vision at 25 years old, Issac Lidsky would no doubt tell you he has had amazing life. At 12 years old, Issac was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare degenerative disease of his retina that would lead him to eventual blindness.

Even with limited vision, Issac graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude. He practiced as a U.S. Justice Department lawyer where he never lost a case. Today, he has retired from his law career and runs his successful construction business after bringing it back from near bankruptcy and is a father of triplets plus one by day. By night, he is a speaker and author, sharing his vision and encouraging others to see beyond their boundaries.

Show Highlights

3:38: Takeaways from delivering a talk at a TED event

4:28: Preparing for a TED event

5:16: Receiving feedback

6:58: Dealing with presentation anxiety

10:43: Be clear about why you are delivering your presentation

13:30: Dealing with the inner critic

15:50: We get to make the choices of how our lives unfold no matter what life throws at us.


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Learn more about Issac Lidsky:

TEDSummit Talk: What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?

Book: Eyes Wide Open

Mastering Your Reality Interview Series

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