They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds – Because We Are Girls

A few weeks ago I sat in Vancouver’s Playhouse Theatre and cried. They were tears of overwhelm, pride, and a deep sense of knowing the difference the film I was watching will make. The film was the Vancouver premiere of, “Because We Are Girls“.

My dear client Jeeti Pooni, that I’ve worked with for a number of years was the driving force behind the documentary. The film, directed by Baljit Sangra, tells the story of the ten+ year journey of finding justice and one’s self.

It is the story of resilience and breaking down deeply ingrained cultural traditions. It is also a  difficult story to bear witness to because of the egregious trust broken by a relative that was invited to live in the family home. He systematically abused and molested the three young and innocent Pooni daughters. Including Jeeti.

As an adult, Jeeti reported the abuse to the RCMP.

It has taken until now, more than ten years since the complaint was filed, for the court to come to a guilty verdict. The perpetrator has filed a Charter of Rights application under section 11(b) claiming a breach of his human rights because the trial took too long to try. In a few weeks time, we’ll learn the judge’s decision.

I’ve had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with Jeeti. I am one of many that have worked with her to tell her story. I am so proud for her. She is tenacious and soul-deep wise. Her work will make a difference. I am very privileged to have learned from her wisdom and learn what healing and forgiveness truly means.

When I think of Jeeti this quote comes to mind, ” They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds”.

Jeeti is a strong and powerful seed.

The film has been well received with standing ovations, sold out showings, and new showings added to film festival schedules. A new showing on Thursday, June 6th (2019) has been scheduled in Vancouver.

Based on the accolades I have a feeling ‘Because We Are Girls’ will be shown far and wide.

I encourage you to see it.


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